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Homeschooling Freebies: 4 Great Posts

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I love homeschooling freebies, don’t you?  Yeah, I thought so. That is why I scoured the internet to come up with this little list of goodies around the web.  Have fun clicking away!

  1. Homeschooling Freebies:  Art Supplies Everyone tries really hard to be a little greener, but have you taken steps within your homeschool to shrink your footprint?  Here are some great ideas to help your homeschool be a bit better for the environment and easier on your wallet!
  2. Halloween Homeschooling Freebies by Subject! This is actually a guest post that I wrote for Crystal and Company, but I think it is seriously a fabulous resource!  Each Subject offers approximately 5 freebies to really round out your Unit Study!
  3. Five Ideas for Frugal Homeschoolers Little People Wealth tells us how to save money on something so expensive by hitting the Library, doing trades, and more frugal homeschooling ideas!
  4. Free Homeschool Resources This is a pretty extensive list from Budget Saving Mom of free homeschooling curriculum around the web!

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Sharing is caring!