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Have You Gotten Organized With #WiseOrganize?

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We have  spent weeks together, talking about getting our homes and our lives organized. We’ve had some great giveaways, with the NeatDesk still accepting entries. We’ve talked about getting rid of clutter and how to learn about the organizing style  that best fits your personality. We have learned how to maximize space, reduce clutter and we’ve touched on”digital organization”! In the coming weeks, we will be bringing you more specific information on organization around your home. Have you Gotten Organized with #WiseOrganize? New Wise Organize Button

Here are a few things around my house, that help maximize space, and keep things neat and tidy:

In My Kitchen and Pantry, I use a couple of things that were small in price but have made a HUGE difference! Under the sink can be a scary place sometimes…but not any longer for me.  I simply installed a tension rod across the space and I use it to hang spray bottles.  This makes more room for other items, which I’ve stored in plastic tubs and caddies.

Under Sink USE

A simply tension rod
for spray bottles.

In my pantry (which I feel so blessed to have), I’ve used heavy duty cardboard can organizers.  My daughters got them for me years ago (from and they have held up beautifully. I also utilize plastic baskets from a “dollar store” and have an old bookcase that holds all my cookbooks!

#WiseOrganize Pantry

Inexpensive Plastic Baskets from a “dollar store” and
cardboard can organizers from

In the closet off the master bedroom, I have a lot of vertical wall space, that was crying out to be used.  So, I put in some hooks, and I hang purses on them.  I also use a great purse organizer from Miche Bag, to hold purses and Shells. My husbands black socks are all the#WiseOrganize Closet same, so no need to pair them up.  They just get thrown into a basket. An old desk top letter tray is being used for all kinds of odds and ends like cuff links, shoe horns, extra ear buds, etc. etc. Last, but certainly not least, for today’s post, I’m going to share a few tips that help keep my bathroom tidy.  More inexpensive baskets for under the sink along with lazy susans for under the sink and on top of the counter. When you can find stacking baskets, all the better! They are great for storing “like items” together, and make it really easy to pull out contents, in order to clean!  Again – vertical storage helps to maximize counter space and keep often used items at your fingertips. #WiseOrganize BR 2#WiseOrganize BR 3 All around the house, using bargain priced plastic basket tubs, typical kitchen products in the bathroom and innovative storage products…you can save space and make organization easy to accomplish. What have you have used around your home, to help keep your things neat? We’d love for you to share! Disclaimer: All items highlighted in this post were purchased by me (or received as a gift) except for the Mich Bag Purse Holder, which I received that years ago in exchange for a review that was posted on Libby’s Library.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Sharing is caring!