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Free Impressive iPhone Movie Making App For Kids

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We all love to capture those special moments in life that we don’t want to forget. Now you can do it in short little movies with stories with the Directr app on your iPhone.

These movies allow you take little snippets of videos using your iPhone to add to a story line already created for you by the producers of Directr. You can also upload from your current camera roll too.

Free iPhone App for Kids

Let your kids make creative movies in seconds using your iPhone.

There are many different themes in which a person can choose from to make their little movie. I think everyone can find something to suit their interests. Plus a user can choose to use the blank screen option.

A person can also gain more followers for their brand by having followers join them on the Directr app too. Then the followers are able to see these videos and comment on them.

What’s nice about these little videos is that they are just long enough to peak someone’s interest, but not overly long to bore them. Plus the app tells a person how long the video is and how many different shots were taken. Each video shows how many people have seen it.

If you’re wanting a way to create attention grabbing videos with ease, then the Directr app may be for you. Due to the added features a person can look like they spent hours creating these short little videos. It’s actually perfect for making greetings to loved ones away.

You can find out more about Directr on their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Sharing is caring!