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Encore Sisal Rug Perfect for Front Room

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I was given the chance to review this carpet in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shape or form changed my opinion of this product.

I was super excited for the chance to update my greeting room with a fancy new carpet. I’ve got a man and boys who come in and out of the house all the time without taking their shoes off.

So, it has been on my list to get something to help elevate some of the excess dirt that is tracked throughout my house. I love my boys, but boys do NOT think about the amount of dirt that they track in this house. Of course, in our household the men clean the floors because they are all the time the reason why they look like a royal mess.

That doesn’t change the fact that I care about what they look like. It is a struggle to have floors that don’t look like a tornado rain over them here. Am I alone in that regard?

Natural Area Rugs

I choose the Encore Sisal Area Rug because I figured it would be sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear of us running in and out of the house. Plus its texture would catch most of the dirt off my man’s shoes as he’s walking in the house. I was right! I love how nice it looks in my front room. It’s fairly easy to clean.

Area Rug 3

I did choose the WRONG color! I thought if I choose a dirt color that it wouldn’t show so much dirt. However, during the ice storm we had here it didn’t work so well. I do think that after we return to our normal weather though it will function just fine.

I wouldn’t recommend getting this type of carpet for a room where you will be walking on it without shoes on. It is rather rough and hard on the feet. I felt like I was walking on rocks when I tried it in the Man Cave. So, we then decided it would be perfect in by the room by our front door. Now, I enjoy having it.

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Where do you buy your rugs from? 

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