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Fun Christmas Decoding Worksheets

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The kids are going to love these Christmas Decoding Worksheets. They’ll love these free printables and trying to solve the Christmas sayings. If you’re looking for some fun holiday activities, these worksheets are a great addition to the day.

Use these in combination with Christmas coloring pages or just have them on their own. Regardless, the kids are going to have so much fun working on these simple Christmas worksheets!

Take the time to print these worksheets for the kids! They’re such wonderful holiday fun!

early elementary decoding worksheets for christmas

We love these Christmas worksheets and always took the time to print these out and work on them after we’d put up the Christmas tree. Or if you’re looking for a fun activity to stretch out that holiday experience, these can be great for a happy new year as well!

What is this Christmas Decoding printable all about?

These Christmas worksheets are so much fun to play with family and friends. There are so many Christmas words that you’re certain to get into the holiday spirit.

The kids will love this Christmas word puzzle that is so much fun for the holiday season. This Christmas activity really is perfect for the Christmas season and is really a fun time no matter what grade level your child is in.

What it includes:

These decoding worksheets for Christmas are a lot of fun to complete! The kids will feel as though they’re solving Christmas riddles and mysteries all from the comfort of home!

With writing prompts and Christmas quotes, this printable gives a fun way to decode a Christmas theme saying and helps to bring out the Christmas spirit.

fun decoding worksheets in a christmas theme

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though this printable is totally fun on its own, there are other ways to use this printable as well.

Put them in Christmas Cards

If the kids are going to have fun with them, print out another sheet and mail it out in a Christmas card. Challenge someone else to complete this printable.

Save it for Christmas morning

Why not save this printable for Christmas morning fun? The kids can wake up, work their brains, and then get on about the day!

Leave this sheet with their note from Santa Claus

If Santa leaves a note in your house, have him leave this printable for the kids this year, too.

Christmas Decoding Worksheets

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