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Blogging Basics: Making Twitter Work for You! #learntoblog

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Last Tuesday, I co-hosted a G+ Live Hangout with Crystal and Company.  Several of you guys attended and I think it went extremely well.  This week we will be discussing Pinterest and giving you some suggestions to make it work for you.  So,

On Tuesday February 12th at 10 am Central (11 EST, 9 MST, and 8 PST) you can find us on G+.  If you RSVP you will get a reminder an hour or so before the hangout!

But, before that I wanted to do a quick recap of the hangout including clickable links to the places we discussed and the video so you could watch it again (or for the first time)

if you are reading this in email or your feed reader, don’t forget you will need to click on over to watch the video below.

So, for beginning bloggers we gave a few tasks:

  • 1) Spend 10 minutes today responding to tweets that mention you and responding to tweets that are interesting
  • 2) Go in and follow 200 twitter people that are like you (See:  Twubs and
  • 3) Signup for a Twitter third party provider like Hootsuite (TweetDeck, Social Oomph)

    For More Advanced Bloggers:

  • 1) Set up an auto tweet service like TwitterFeed and ask 2-4 blogging friends to do the same automatically retweeting each others tweets (Psst, if you have a food or cooking blog that is at least 1 year old please email me at Kelli(at)southernmomcooks(dot)com if you want to do a collaboration.  I am working on building my site over there and looking for a great Tribe for it.
  • 2) Use your third party service (like Hootsuite) to schedule at least 1 tweet that will go out every day for a week
  • 3) Participate in a twitter party or chat surrounding your niche – look at Twitter Party Calendar and Twitter Party Guide image

Some other links that were mentioned through the G+ Live Hangout were:

Don’t miss out on the great tips that we discuss next week!

Sharing is caring!