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Blogging Basics: Finding Great Content in 5 Easy Steps

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So, you decided to take the plunge and become a blogger!  Now, you are writing fairly regularly about your chosen topic and finding that you don’t know as much as you thought you did.  Or that you are about to run out of stuff to say!  What do you do?

#1 – Start browsing the internet to find a few products that fit your niche.  Sign up to be an affiliate and start writing about the products!

#2 – Visit your local library and get a few books on your chosen topic (or purchase them so you can mark them to your hearts content!)!  I write about homeschooling and organizing pretty regularly.  I consider them big topics between my blogs and have quite a few books to help me come up with new things.

#3 – Get creative!  Come up with an event for your blog and then start asking the experts some questions!

#4 – Reach out to companies – if you have established your blog, start reaching out to companies.  As for interviews or guest posts and establish that part BEFORE asking for cash!

#5 – Reach out to bloggers!  As for guest posts, interview them, browse their sites for topic inspiration!

There you go!  Be sure to ask your blogging questions today!

Sharing is caring!


Thursday 26th of April 2012

Why haven't I thought of books? Thank you for the great ideas!

Danise Jurado

Wednesday 25th of April 2012

Hi Kelli! these are great ideas! Thanks for the motivating post! Stopping by from WFMW

Glenda Cates

Thursday 19th of April 2012

Such a wonderful post and one I am sure all of us bloggers can releate to. I also join sites like Blogelinia and it helps me find new things to blog about but as I business owner I never thought of sharing my business so thanks for the tip.