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Blogging Basics: Be a Well-Rounded Blogger

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By now, we know that being a successful blogger isn’t about posting to WordPress all day. There are many tasks we have to attend to and it’s not always easy getting it all done. The great thing is that you don’t have to do your own writing to own a very successful blog.

Many ambitious bloggers plan to post every single day or even multiple times a day, but when you also have to think about marketing your blog, participating in social media, writing to your list, helping your clients and everything else, there doesn’t seem to be much time for all that.

Keep an open mind and let others help you with your writing. Your blog needn’t be all about you. In fact, you can provide your readers a fuller experience if you offer content from a variety of sources.

Here are a few ways to get help with your writing…9-b-ghostwriter

– Guest Writers: Many popular blogs employ the use of guest writers. These are people who contribute unique content to your website and get to include their byline and link in return. Guest posts provide your audience with varied perspectives and keep your blog filled with great content.

– Ghostwriters: There are plenty of talented writers out there who can take on your voice to help you create your content. They might create reports that you give away with a subscription to your mailing list, the can write emails, they can write blog posts or just about anything you need. If you don’t like the idea of publishing someone else’s content under your own name, you can also publish it under a pen name.

– User Submissions:  Your very own readers are a great source of content. You can run photo contests, ask for the opinions; even offer them the opportunity to guest post on your blog. Get involved with your community and they’ll gladly create content for you. 9-c-other-content

– Other People’s Content: There are also many sources of free content available out there. You can embed videos from, grab slide shows from or get articles from Whenever you’re short on time or stuck for ideas, these are great sources of content.

Using just a few sources of alternate content can free up huge chunks of time in your schedule. And couldn’t we all use just a little bit more time?

Until next week, this is Jessica signing out!

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