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Blogging Basics: A Reflection of 2012 and Goals for 2013

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Wow, just wow!  Another year has come and gone and that means it is time to evaluate my goals and set new ones!  Can you believe that?  First, let’s take a look at my goals from the beginning of 2012:

12 Goals set for 2012… how did I do?

#1 – Make $1,000 consistently.  I do not make this every single month, but I come close and some months are more than this.  So, I would say I met this goal!  However, I realize that I need to be more specific next time and say make x-amount from x-place.

#2 – Reach 2,000 newsletter subscribers.  This didn’t happen.  However, I am ok with that!  My very first newsletter of 2012 went out to 411 people and my last one of 2012 went to 1,393 people!  So, that is still a massive increase!

#3 – Review a Car.  I guess this technically did happen!  I was able to drive a 2013 Ford Mustang for 5 days courtesy of Hertz car rentals.  So, I actually reviewed the Hertz rental service, but I got a car.  I am totally claiming this! LOL!

#4 – Reach 5,000 Facebook fans.  Yeah!  I did this one, too!  I ended the year with 5,584 Facebook Fans!

For records – Southern Mom Cooks’ Facebook page has 1,190

#5 – 20,000 Twitter Followers on @momof3boys3702  so close!  At the time of the writing of this post, I have 17,455 followers.

#6 – 10,000 Twitter followers on @deals_3bd not even close! only 6,212 followers here.

For record purposed, @thesouthernmom has 2,095

#7 – Increase traffic to blogs by 140%… well, I started a new blog in January of this year, and since it has ZERO traffic at this time last year.  I certainly increased it. LOL!  However, let’s look at the other two.

  • Deals – 2011 saw me with 43,047 visitors and 2012 saw me with 142,265 – a 230.56% increase.
  • Main – 2011 saw me with 88,029 visitors and 2012 saw me with 132,528 – a 50.55% increase
  • SMC – Just for records sake, 2012 saw 119,014 visitors.

#8  – Increase YouTube subscribers to 200 (I only have 9 LOL!) I was able to do this and more!  However, I am still not using it enough.  I HAVE to get better at doing videos, it is just such a pain.  I have to get dressed in real clothes, do something with the rat’s nest on top of my head, and put on make-up. LOL!  I now have 544 – yes, 544!  I would say I certainly reached this goal!

#9 – Have an image (or video) of every recipe on my site! Again, I started a whole new site by doing the Southern Mom Cooks site and every recipe on that site has an image.  So, while I might not have images on every recipe on THIS site, they are on the cooking site.  So I am going to mark this as accomplished!

#10 – Complete A-Z Fruits and Veggies book and start selling it! Oh pish-posh! I STILL haven’t finished this book.  I am beginnning to think it isn’t going to happen.  Uggh!  I need an accountibity partner to make me do this. LOL!

#11 – Begin (and hopefully finish) A-Z Countries book and start selling HA!  Yeah, right

#12 – Consistently have no less than 100 entrants in Homeschooling on the Cheap weekly linky and my Giveaways Around the Web Hasn’t happened on either linky.  Not sure how to increase the links on these two linkies, but I will work on it more this year!

***I also got a couple appliances in my home to review!  WOOT!***

Now, I have told so many people that 2013 is going to be my year and I am determined to make it so.  I have brainstormed and scribbled a ton of things that I would like to accomplish in 2013 and then made myself a goal sheet to help me work towards those goals every single month.  So, let’s take a look… shall we?

13 Goals Set for 2013!

    Will I set 14 for next year?  LOL!  Probably not!  Ok, here we go…

1.  Increase traffic

    on all 3 sites by 60%!

2.  Increase Twitter

    followers on all 3 by 50%

3.  Increase Facebook

    fans on both (3bd and smc) by 50%

4.  Make $6000 for the year


Google Adsense

    (this is actually doable at my current traffic)

5.  Add 12 new videos

    to YouTube account (I currently have 44, so I will need 56 by the end of 2013)

6.  Be a speaker at a Blog Conference

    .  I have applied like crazy but not heard a word from anyone.

7.  Increase Pinterest Followers

    to 10,000 only have 4,800 so I am not sure that is doable, but I am going to try!

8.  Finish the A to Z Veggies

    book!  Geez, this HAS to get finished. LOL!

9.  Hire another paid employee

    (home craft/diy writer for main site)

10.  Have 10, $1.00 printable packs

      available for sale on

Deals Site

    (working on this!)

11.  Increase Aweber newsletter subscribers

    to 5000!  I am working hard to get this increased and am seeing changes daily now.

12.  Be host/party planner

    for 6 twitter parties – I actually hosted more than this in 2012, but wasn’t the planner for all of them.  I want to be the planner for at least 6.

13.  Become a Walmart Mom!

      Yeah, this is a pretty lofty goal and I have zero clue how to make it happen.  But, I want it.  I want it pretty badly. LOL!

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