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Epic Baseball Themed Charcuterie Board

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This baseball themed charcuterie board is a wild and fun way to bring out all the best snacks and treats for your baseball themed party!

Whether you’re watching a baseball game or celebrating a baseball themed baby shower, this easy baseball charcuterie is bringing it all to the plate for a definite home run.

Such a fun and easy way to present your baseball treats and minimize the spread on a table. It’s one of my favorite ways to make a party spread, for sure (leaves more room for party games to happen at the table!).

But the best part is how epically easy it is to pull this together!

Baseball Themed Charcuterie Board

The theme of baseball is so fun to work with. you can go wide and bring in a lot of different snacks, or you can bunt it and come in tight with a handful of your favorites.

It’s so versatile, but perfect if you’re planning an after-party for the baseball team or a ball game watch party. You make it yours!

What Goes On a Snack Board for a Baseball Party?

You do not have to be limited to what I pulled together on my board, but my favorite items for a baseball watch party are:

Specialty Ingredients:

The following ingredients are affiliate links on Amazon because they may be a bit hard to find in your normal store.  I wanted you to be able to see exactly which things we are using.

Reminder, not all ingredients in the Baseball Themed Charcuterie Board Recipe are linked above, just the ones that may be a bit difficult to find or that you might be unsure of what to look for.

Shop My Kitchen:

The following items can be found in my kitchen here at Miller Manor. Simply click the image that interests you – yes, they do contain affiliate links.

Must Have Resources:

When making Baseball Charcuterie at home, you really need to have the following Amazon affiliate tools on hand.

Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer with Accurate Size Scale, Wire Cheese Slicer for Cheese Butter, Equipped with 4 Replaceable Cheese Slicer WiresPicnic at Ascot Bamboo Cheese Board/Charcuterie Platter - Includes 3 Ceramic Bowls with Bamboo Spoons - 13Godinger Wood Serving Tray, Charcuterie Platter Cheese Board Rainbow Sandstone - RoundSweese 123.001 Porcelain Mini Bowls - 4 Ounce for Dipping Sauces, Small Side Dishes - Set of 6, WhiteWhite Porcelain Olive Plate - Swerve Design, Beautiful Presentation - 9 Inches - 6 oz - 1ct Box - Restaurantware, Black, SmallBOSKA Copenhagen Mini Knife Set Cheese Knives, Stainless


Make it a Meal:

Your easy baseball themed snack tray can be super simple, or as complex as you’d like it to be. But just because your presentation is simple, that doesn’t mean your concession stand of treats doesn’t need to be well-rounded. You can add so much more to your snack board than just party snacks. Here are some of my favorites:

Main Dish: The Best Hamburger Patty Recipe

Vegetable Side: Asparagus Spirals

Starch Side: Bacon and Cheddar Steak Fries

Refreshing Drink: Citrus Berry Cooler

Best Charcuterie Board Recipes:

Once you’ve tackled the making of your very own baseball themed charcuterie board for your sport birthday, you’re going to realize how fun it is to make, how effortless the prep, and how much your guest LOVE dismantling it for their enjoyment. So, I pulled together the best charcuterie boards for you to make your own personalized yummies.

This fun and easy patriotic charcuterie board is perfect for any patriotic party themes like July 4th, New Years, Memorial Day or any other time patriotic party foods are demanded!

Need a romantic and fun board for two? This sweet couples charcuterie is a great way to bring it for all the bonding.

If you’re a little concerned about tackling your first meat and cheese spread, check out these basics of cheese boards that way you know what you need to know.

Not all boards are created equal, and this hot cocoa charcuterie board is epic enough that you’ll swear by it! More than just party appetizers, this is THE sweet treat!

A chicken wing charcuterie board sounds like it would be the most AWESOME way to bring it for a spicy-fun football party snack!

Sometimes, you just want a traditional charcuterie board for a simple night-in kind or non-themed party idea and this is the basic (and penultimately flexible) traditional party board.

If you want to get the nitty-gritty of exactly what you need for a fun and easy meat and cheese board for a kids birthday or any event, this is the best resource to bring it all together for any themed birthday party or gathering!

What are the most popular foods at baseball games?

Baseball games allow people to come together and enjoy a classic American pastime. But often, the food is just as important.

While each venue has unique offerings, some of the staple items found at almost any ballpark include hotdogs, nachos, peanuts, and popcorn. Ice cream treats are also popular for those looking for a sweet treat.

Cracker Jacks is another fan favorite and can often be seen in the hands of eager fans hoping to uncover one of the many prizes included in every box.

While regional favorites or newer items may appear on menus at times, these are foods that have stood the test of time (and remain extremely popular) when it comes to baseball game snacks.

What is a charcuterie snack board?

A charcuterie snack board is a popular appetizer that can be enjoyed at any social gathering. It involves arranging cured meats, cheese, nuts, fruits, crackers, and other accompaniments on one platter.

This type of board is particularly easy to prepare due to its relative flexibility with ingredients.

Whether hosting family or friends from nearby, having a charcuterie appetizer will impress guests without wasting too much time.

Guests can pick and choose from items on the board as they please – plus, it doubles as an aesthetically pleasing addition to the table!

Why are charcuterie boards so much fun to make and eat?

Charcuterie boards have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, providing a fun and interactive way to enjoy food with friends.

Not only do charcuterie boards provide a stimulating and creative presentation of food items, but the range of flavors and textures contained on the board further contribute to an exciting experience.

Additionally, given that the composition of these boards is completely customizable and generally heavily reliant on food products already present in most kitchens, they are relatively straightforward to prepare while offering an impressive display.

Therefore, charcuterie boards make for an enjoyable culinary adventure with minimal effort required.

Can you make a charcuterie board in advance?

Making a charcuterie board in advance is an option for those short on time. Preparing components of the board ahead of time, such as slicing and arranging the cheese, meats, and other garnishes onto a platter, can save significant time and effort when hosting.

However, assembling the entire board should be done close to the time it will be served to ensure maximum freshness and prevent spoilage.

While there is some degree of flexibility in pre-assembling a charcuterie board, care must be taken to ensure that all components that require refrigeration have been properly stored so as not to compromise their freshness or quality.

Other Baseball Baby Shower or Party Ideas:

More Appetizer Recipes Perfect for a Baseball Themed Birthday or Party

Baseball Themed Charcuterie Board

Baseball Themed Charcuterie Board

Yield: 12 Servings of Baseball Themed Charcuterie
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Epically easy, this baseball themed charcuterie board is the perfect spread for a baseball themed party!


  • 4 cups Potato Chips
  • 6 Baseball Cupcakes
  • 2 cups Cotton Candy
  • 12 Mini Corn Dogs
  • 4 cups Easy Cracker Jack Party Mix
  • 12 Mini-Sized Candy Boxes
  • 12 Baseball Cookies
  • 2 cups Peanuts
  • 1/2 cup Ketchup
  • 1/2 cup Mustard
  • 1/2 cup Spicy Mustard
  • 12-15 Bubble Gum Varieties in Red, White and Blue


  1. Start by placing the containers of ketchup and mustards to one side of the board.
  2. Add in the mini corn dogs and cupcakes to the board, filling-in the majority of the larger areas of the board.
  3. Place the boxes of candies and baseball cookies in any other large areas on the empty board, covering a smaller area.
  4. Tuck peanuts, popcorn, chips and bubble gum pieces in the spaces between the larger items.
  5. Then place some cotton candy in any other areas remaining open and enjoy!
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 12 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 956Total Fat: 42gSaturated Fat: 9gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 30gCholesterol: 16mgSodium: 1019mgCarbohydrates: 137gFiber: 8gSugar: 71gProtein: 17g

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