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Selena is a homeschooling graduate and a former tax accountant. She and her husband, Jay, use an eclectic homeschooling method with their four children, including some with ADHD/ADD. Selena blogs about the family's homeschooling adventures every week at Look! We're Learning! You can keep up with Selena by following her on Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, or Instagram.

30 Pumpkin Crafts to Make This Fall

Fall is synonymous with harvest, which means…pumpkins!!! Around here, once the first weekend of September passes, we start seeing all pumpkin everything. Which is awesome, because I love pumpkins. Pumpkin pie is particularly popular in our house. 🙂 But there are plenty of ways to have fun with pumpkins that don’t involve eating them and these pumpkin …

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30 Afternoon Snacks Kids Can Make

Once the school year begins, kids basically turn into all-consuming food disposal machines. In the afternoons, they’re ready to eat every. single. thing. in the refrigerator. But as they grow, it’s worth the effort to teach them to make their own snacks. It helps them learn to be self-sufficient, it teaches them responsibility, and it …

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Boredom Buster Preschool Activities

If you’re homeschooling kids of multiple ages, it can be hard to keep everyone busy while you’re teaching a lesson. This is doubly true if you’re homeschooling preschoolers! Little kids need a lot of activity and entertainment to stay occupied and, when you’re trying to teach older children, you just don’t have the time to …

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Free Printable Flashcards: Counting 1-10 {Ocean Animals Unit Study}

In our family, we use flashcards for just about every subject. Whether we’re learning about leaves, colors, or Spanish vocabulary, our kids seem to love flashcards! These free printable flashcards for counting 1 to 10 are perfect for your ocean animals unit study! The great thing about flashcards is that they are easily customizable to …

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