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Jennifer Tammy

Jennifer Tammy is a blogger, single mama, trained psychologist and daycare provider committed to encouraging families to fill their lives with a bit of sugar, spice & glitter. No matter what your circumstances, you can be a supermom and create a life you love.

Asparagus Linguine Recipe

Asparagus is an amazing and versatile vegetable with so many great health benefits, and with great asparagus recipes like this Asparagus Linguine with poached eggs, getting your five a day is not only easy – it’s delicious. Now, you could make some of your asparagus into “vegetable noodles” for a literal asparagus linguine, shaving them …

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Buffalo-Style Hot Popcorn Recipe

Popcorn is the ultimate in easy, versatile, and cheap snacking. There are so many ways to season popcorn to get a completely different flavour or even texture! This Buffalo-style Hot Popcorn Recipe tastes like nachos but with less added fat and just as much crunch! Check out the rest of my gourmet popcorn recipes as …

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Cosmopolitan Cupcake Recipe

I love coming up with easy cake mix recipes and mocktails for parties, so I thought – why not combine them?! This Cosmopolitan Cupcake Recipe is the perfect dessert for your next get-together with friends! You’re going to love all of our fun cupcake recipes!  Although a cosmopolitan cocktail (or fun mocktail)  is usually made with a splash of …

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Hershey Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

I’m so excited about this week’s addition to our easy cake mix recipes collection – a Hershey Chocolate Cupcake Recipe! Make certain that you check out the rest of our cupcake recipes.  I’m a huge fan of Hershey’s chocolate – as evidenced by my growing collection of dessert recipes like my 10-minute S’mores Cake and 1-minute …

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Oreo Cupcake Recipe

I love Oreo Cupcake Recipes – out of our mini-dessert recipes, the Chocolate Mint Oreo cupcake recipe is definitely a crowd favourite so I thought I’d add a classic Cookies & Cream-style version to our collection. I love all our cupcake recipes! You’re going to love them, too.  When playing around with new flavour combinations I like …

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