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Herchel Scruggs

Famous African American Quotes

Words have power. Throughout America’s history, this has been proven time and again. This collection of famous African American Quotes features words that have helped shape this country. The hope despite adversity in these quotes, teach us that the strength of a man’s heart can change a culture. These quotes, along with these inspirational quotes for college students, …

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Bible Verses about Children

As we lead into Easter, it’s the perfect time to reflect on these inspiring bible quotes about kids. From childhood to adulthood our children are cherished. We don’t have to wait until they are ready for inspirational quotes for college students to share meaningful quotes. Bible verses about children For God so loved the world, that He gave His …

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Inspirational Baseball Quotes

No sport has the same place in American history as “America’s Favorite Past-time.” This collection of inspirational baseball quotes will help you capture the spirit of teamwork and be inspired to succeed, like these inspirational quotes for college students. Inspirational Baseball Quotes:   Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. Babe Ruth …

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Basketball Quotes

Basketball games are fast and furious. Coaches passionately yell motivation to their teams above the din of squeaking sneakers and bouncing balls. Maybe that’s why the quotes that come from the mouths of basketball coaches and players alike are so inspirational. These are the best basketball quotes for motivation. When reflected upon, along with the inspirational quotes …

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Quotes for College Students about Education

College can be hard. The constant learning can drain you. It’s easy to lose sight of what is important when you are up all night writing papers or studying. These motivational quotes for college students about education, along with these inspirational quotes for college students, can help motivate you through those rough spots when you are wondering …

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Famous Motivational Football Quotes

When it comes to football, a coach and player may have spoken powerful words that have led their team to the win. These motivational football quotes, like these inspirational quotes for college students, can be applied to life in general. Success in life is just as important as success on the field. However, for some, football is life. Winning the …

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