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A Fun Puzzle For Your Child – WeeBelievers

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I am 28 years old and sometimes the bible is still a little confusing to me. WeeBelievers provides a variety of toys and products that make learning the bible and about being a christian a little funner for them.

My daughter is 4 and just starting to get into puzzles. She loves them! So I was very excited to try out Noah’s Ark 2 in 1 Round Puzzle.  This puzzle has 48 pieces. One side shows Noah and all the animals. The other side is a picture of under the sea with all the animals on the ark. Little ones can be rough on stuff, so I was very pleased to see how sturdy the cardboard pieces was.  My daughter’s favorite part was how big the puzzle was. When put together it is 28 inches around!! It took us a couple tries to get the puzzle together, but my daughter really had fun trying. She kept saying “Oops that don’t go there, silly me.” I really enjoyed watching her excitement and persistence to get he puzzle together. After we put the puzzle together I told her the story of Noah and she seemed to relate really well. It gave her a connection to Noah.

All of WeeBeliever products are great to help connect your little one to the characters of the bible. They even have some very cute band aids. They are so bright and colorful. My son fell in love them. He is a very active little boy, so we use a lot of band aids!!

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Sharing is caring!