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Would You Like To Do More In Your Community?

Personally, I would, but who can afford to do 75 dollar seats to the local Manheim Steamroller concert?  I certainly can’t, unless I want to go by myself.  I tried to figure out how to get Press Tickets, but no such luck. LOL!

You know, I love being able to bring my readers great information like cheaper Boston Opera House Tickets.  I have been so busy with my Holiday Gift Guide and doing traveling, that I have had these great post ideas sitting in my inbox.  So, although it is Sunday, I am working through my action folder trying to get the information to you while it is still valid.  Don’t worry, my house is still asleep as I write this, so I am not taking family time from them. :-)

One of the emails to do in my inbox was about… since I was already bummed about not being able to give my mom the tickets to her favorite music ever, this really caught my eye.

They have cheaper sitting (aka: cheaper tickets) to many places such as Air Canada Centre Tickets and Wang Theater Tickets.

So, I was thinking, “yeah that sounds good, but what about where I live?” Yeah, no such luck although they do have over 50 major US Cities listed including about 3 within 2 hours of me.  SO, we can certainly find places to go at cheaper rates. There really isn’t much to do here in Southern Alabama. LOL!

Plus, since the site is fairly new, they could have plans to expand to more cities in the future.

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