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What You Can Do With a Wilton Cupcake Stand

A while back, I did a review on several Wilton products.  In that review, I mentioned that I was sure there were tons of uses for the Wilton Cupcake stand, but wasn’t creative enough to think of them. :-)  Wilton read my post and sent me an email with lots of links to all the awesome uses for their cupcake stand.    I have been holding onto the links until I had some time to share with my readers. :-)

This is a great set of party ideas to help you be a creative hostess.

1.  Truffles on Cupcake Stand – this is so very pretty!  Makes me want to learn to make Truffles. :-)

2.  Party Favors – what a way to think outside the box!

3.  Votive Candle Holder – I really love this idea!  Need to start looking at the Dollar Tree for some pretty votive holders.

4.  Christmas Tree – This is such an awesome edible Christmas Tree full of ornaments.  You won’t believe how easy this is!  You could even change the colors to use it for every party:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and more!

5.  Brownie Tower – Ok this is a good one, but my brownies are always so full of goodies that they always fall apart so this wouldn’t quite work for me. :-)

6.  Candy Bags – This is right up there with the Party Favors idea, except now we are thinking outside the “bag” LOL! Yeah, that was corny, sue me. LOL!

7.  Dipped Berries – Man, oh, man!  I started drooling at this one. :-)

8.   Fruit Tower – This one doesn’t have instructions, but if you look at the back right picture you will be amazed at the beautiful Fruit Tower!  I was!

Aren’t those great?  Do you have other ideas for a cupcake stand?

**Disclaimer:  Wilton provided the cupcake stand for a previous review and provided the links to help facilitate this post**

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  1. Great ideas for a cupcake stand! I was looking at some Wilton Cupcake stands at JoAnn’s the other day but I really had to refrain from buying one since I bought some candy melts and candy molds to make some halloween candy! Next time though!
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  2. Artificial christmas trees says:

    Oh wow I just love the edible Christmas tree, looks so pretty.

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