Weekend Top Five of Five (Week Three)

Each week (ok so last week was crazy busy and it didn’t happen… LOL! But, each week I log into my analytics and take note of several factors – I have recently started recording those for you guys to see.  This helps me to determine if there are other posts I can interlink into these posts to increase my page views.  It helps me to determine if I should be writing more about

those topics, etc.


Top Five Posts of the Week:

Interesting, only 2 out of five are the same as last week’s top five and one has dropped a spot – I have been working very hard to get my posts above that tummy tuck post but still keep the traffic to it! The thing is, it really makes me understand what I should be writing about AND it makes me see that the giveaways that I work so hard on doing, don’t really interest my readers as much as I thought they did.

Top Five Keywords of the Week

It is always nice to know what terms you are already getting traffic for and to capitalize on those keywords to get even more traffic.  This is an analysis that I typically do each month, but things can change drastically from month to month.  So, doing it weekly should give me a better understanding of my traffic and my readership.

  • tummy tuck belt reviews
  • does the tummy tuck belt really work
  • 3 boys and a dog
  • does the tummy tuck belt work
  • http://3boysandadog.com/

So, the search terms that are sending me traffic are still very boring terms.  Last week I told you that I finally had something in the top 10 that actually had to do with my site – “ advanced coloring pages is in the number 10 spot for sending me traffic, so my efforts to turn around this main site are working! “ This week that term has moved to #8!  So, yep I am getting there!  In a couple weeks, it could be in my top 5!  Wouldn’t that be nice?


Top Five Pinterest Pins of the Week

I like to know which pins are sending me traffic, it helps to understand who is pinning my stuff so I can try to build relationships with them.  It also helps me to understand what posts do best on Pinterest and it helps me to see the trend.  Are the same posts being popular week after week?  If so, how can I capitalize on that?

Isn’t it really neat to see that the top pins this week don’t line up with the top anything else?  You would think, the top traffic receivers (and sources) would all match up, wouldn’t you?


Top Five Referral Traffic Locations (bloggers and such)

I like to see how is sending me traffic.  Now, this won’t be my top 5 across the board, but strictly other bloggers and such to see if my guest posts, ads, and linkies are paying off.

  • Meet Penny – 106 visits (this is a weekly free printable linky that I participate in)
  • Crystal and Company – 66 visits (fellow tribe mate and weekly linky host)
  • Kids Activities Blog – 65 visits (fellow tribe mate who linked to a couple of my posts in round ups)
  • Org Junkie – 56 visits (link my weekly menu plan)
  • We Are THAT Family – 49 visits (weekly linky)

Top Five Traffic Referrals, Non-Bloggers.

This is more like pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc.  To see if there is a place that I should be ramping up my efforts!

  • Pinterest – 1795 visits
  • Direct – 1,722
  • Google Search – 986
  • Twitter – 204 (wow, this is up MAJORLY from last week’s 76
  • Facebook – 79 (this didn’t even make the list last week!)

That’s all folks!  Don’t forget to tune in each Tuesday at 10 am Central over on G+ to see what blogging tips Crystal and I am discussing this week!  Plus, you can:

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