Week Three: Cooking in the Kitchen (part 1)


So far we have set up a system to start collecting dirty dishes and laundry from around the house and now we have tackled our bathrooms.  How do you feel?  How is the house coming along?

Well, over the next two weeks we will be cooking in the kitchen!  LOL!  Really, we will be starting on the visible sections of the room and then moving to the hidden ones.  Remember, do NOT get all bent out of shape.  Just print the printable (however many you may need) or print one and laminate it.  Add it to your handbook and get started!  Each week we will really deep clean a room and keep up with last week’s done tasks. Kitchen Outsides To Do List Printable

OK, don’t forget to “rumble” the bathroom this week since we finished it last week. For reference, be sure to print this quick sheet that explains what a “rumble” is.

Then, grab your supplies and head into the kitchen to tackle the visible parts of it.  This Kitchen Outsides printable sheet will help you.

So for reference:

1.  Pick up dishes and laundry around the house and keep at doing them!

2.  Room Rumble the Bathrooms

3.  Tackle the Visible Parts of the Kitchen

Stay tuned for next week when we tackle the insides!

How are things going with your Homemaker Handbook?

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