Valentine Candy Shop with Chocolate Playdough!

Welcome to the Sweet Shoppe!

The other day I picked up the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery Playset and thought it would be a great toy to bring out for Valentine’s Day!   I wanted to make chocolates for yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Shop, but as usual, I ran out of time!   Some of the tools on the play set were a little difficult for 3 year old hands to use (like the frosting pump), so it gave me a chance to really get involved in play time too.

To get started, we made some chocolate scented play-dough from a recipe I found over at Nurture Store.  The girls thought this was amazing but I had to keep telling my 1 year old that it was not for eating!



There was a lot of fine-motor practice going on with this activity, and some patience as we tried to get the various components of the play set to work.  All the kids loved making different colored frosting for their cupcakes and adding other little embellishments to their Valentine’s Day treats.  Want to do a similar activity without spending the money on a set?

Here’s what you do!

First of all, make some of the chocolate play dough found over at Nurture Store (grab the recipe here).  Be sure you have plenty of salt in the house.  I used up our whole salt shaker and THEN realized we didn’t have any extra in the pantry.  My husband did not appreciate this rookie move.



To make cupcakes (or mini-cakes!), use a muffin tin or a mini-muffin tin.  You could also use mini cupcake papers.  Silicone molds would be great since they are so flexible and you can “pop” the cupcake right out.  If you have a mold you don’t really use for baking, you could even cut it apart and then sharing would be WAY easier!

Making cupcakes

 Frost Them Up!

In order to make the pretend frosting, stick some playdough in a ziploc bag and cut a little hole in the corner.  Some people even stick a little frosting tip in the corner first to give the frosting a fancy touch.  You could also roll the playdough into a long snake and then twirl it around the top for a fun swirl frosting design.

Making cupcakes


Setting Up Shop

Now if I had my way, I would decorate our sweet shoppe something like this:

Photo Credit: Ellzabelle Blog 

 …but apparently, 2 and 3 year olds don’t have the attention span to build something that elaborate.  Maybe next year!

You could also place your pretend cupcakes or chocolates into an empty berry container and put a bow on it to make it extra Valentine’s Day like!

Photo Credit: Four Crazy Kings Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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