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Using a Master To Do List to Keep Your Blog Organized!

When it comes to keeping a blog organized, you can literally drive yourself nuts trying to wing it. There are so many things that can trip you up that you are almost certain to miss something eventually. Because of this, using a master to do list can be very helpful. Here are some great tips to use a Master To Do List to Keep Your Blog Organized!

Keep a notebook or calendar of what you post that can be seen broadly –  I really like my editorial calendar plugin for this because I can see what days have posts scheduled and which ones don’t.  With multiple writers on my blogs, this is a perfect way for all of us to see what is coming!

Schedule your posts – You simply have to do this if you want to have your postings hit at a specific time every day. This is great for consistency.

Set up a category/tag list – Go into your blog settings and create a group of categories that completely cover what you plan to blog about. This will give you clear options when you go to choose one.

Get yourself a calendar exclusive to your blog work – This is awesome because everything you do on your blog can be planned ahead of time. This is great for all of your ad work, posting schedules, comments maintenance, social media sharing and even for basic updates visually to the blog.  I use the Discbound Notebook from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery collection exclusively from Staples.  At only $9.99, I can have TONS of them!  The following video shows it in detail:

If you watch any of my G+ hangouts, you have seen my notebook.  I take it everywhere with me and couldn’t function without it!  I have also created a video that shows exactly how I use it. **UPdated to add on 09/20/2013 – I have received many questions asking me what I make those little holes with.  I purchased a Universal Desk Punch (*affiliate link)

I am so enamored with the album that I have a 2nd one totally dedicated to my upcoming vacation/press trip.  With insert able pockets, I can keep our tickets, meal passes, travel directions, etc all in one place!

You can find Staples across many social media accounts:

Use plugins that can help you stay on track – These great little add-ons can make a huge difference for your SEO as well as keeping your postings in front of reader’s eyes. Use the ones that share related posts and that automatically set up your SEO for postings. This frees you up for more important things like creating interesting content.

*DISCLAIMER: I was sent items by Staples to help facilitate my review. No money exchanged hands. Any opinions stated are strictly my own.*

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  1. I currently have one and half blogs, blogger and wordpress (which I started to learn more and eventually move all my book reviews and book related posts there. It’s a WIP blog, that’s why it’s half a blog.) So, with having these, learning about blogging and all I can do with it and learning about being a virtual assistant – to authors preferably – I need to start getting organized now.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Dianne´s last blog post ..Autumn Storm (The Witchling Series Book Two) Book Review

  2. Rashida Wallace says:

    I’m loving this blog!

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