Toys R Us Pet Toys Video Review

I am a Toys R Us kid! Well not really because I am 27 years old. However, my dog can said she’s a Toys R  us dog. She can do this because Toys R Us and Petsmart has teamed together and made the perfect toys for your four legged friend!

My son is a very active little boy. This is one reason we  have a dog. She’s his best friend. They play together on a daily base. It’s nice for them to have some great toys to play with. There are many different toys from Toys R Us, but I got only five of them.

Be sure to click through to the site so you can see the video:

The first one I got is the Toys R Us Pet Treat Toy. The cost of it ranges from 6.39-7.99. Sadie (our dog) didn’t like this one at first. Although once she discovered what it had in it she then played with it more trying to figure out how to get the rest of the treats out.

The second one I got is the Toys R Us Pet Budgee- Tire Animal. The cost of this one is 7.19. My son really enjoys playing with Sadie with this toy. He uses it as a tug a war toy.

The third toy I got is the Toys R Us  Pets Plush Critter Rope Flyer – Ast. The cost of this one is 7.19. Sadie likes the rope part and the fact that the center of it squeaks.

The fourth toy I got is the Toys R  Us Pets Spiky Ball Body w/Rope Arms & Legs. The cost of this one is 7.99. This was probably Sadie’s second favorite one. She tends to like chewing on the rope parts of it. My son tries to play tug a war with her with this toy, but she rather chew on it.

Lastly the final toy I got is the Toys R Us Pets  Bottle Cruncher Dog Toys. The cost of this one is 6.74. This was Sadie’s favorite toy. You can easily tell that by the video bellow. I think she loves the crunching part that the bottle makes.

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  1. Janet W. says

    I love that they teamed together! I always find the best toys for my dogs at Petsmart.