Thanks to My Top Traffic Referrals! (My Traffic Increased in March)

Actually, my site is a bit up this month on here because I had a post go semi-viral. Smile

Thanks a million to my TOP Five blog referrals!

I received referral visits from 329 sources during last month!

1. Crystal and Company sent me 523 visitors (down a bit from last month, but not too much.  Last month was 553)

2. Southern Mom Cooks sent me 327 (WAY up from last month’s 96)

3. sent me 286 (still seeing traffic from being named top 25 dog blogs over a year ago!  Traffic is up from last month’s 255)

4. Org Junkie sent me 186 (Up a tad from 159)

5. We are THAT Family sent me 82 (didn’t even make the last last time! Smile)

I also want to note that:

  • Pinterest sent me 11,924 (WAY up from last month’s 8,611)
  • Twitter sent me 168 (uggh, still down!  What is going on with Twitter? Last month was 320)
  • FaceBook sent me 222 (and yet, this one is up!  From last month’s 174)
  • Stumble Upon 62 (so stinking far down from last month’s 103)
  • Google sent me 2,450 (and this continues to grow!  Up from last month’s 1,969)

Want to find out where others are getting their hits to website?

  • Crystal and Company shares how she is getting traffic each month, too!
  • Southern Mom Cooks talks about how she is getting more traffic to that site so quickly!
  • Deals_3BD talks about where her website visitors are coming from
  • You can also go here for past hits to website traffic referrals on this site all list their top traffic referrals for the previous month!

If you want to play along, please leave a direct link to your top five referrals post in the comments section.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go into your tracking service (I use Google Analytics) and set the time period for the previous 30 days.
  2. Find the sites that have referred readers to you and put them in order from most sends to lowest. (I only do blogs and small businesses, not big sites!)
  3. Write a post (like this one) listing your top 5 referrers.
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