Techie Tuesday: Meet The New HTC Windows 8X Smartphone #VZWA


Well, it is that time again – I have been asked back (for the 3rd time) to be a Verizon Wireless Ambassador and this time I have something TOTALLY different.  I have always been an Android user but this time I was sent the new HTC Windows 8X Smartphone!  The operating system is COMPLETELY different than anything I am use to. 

Let me be real here – I was totally disappointed to get this phone… I had been drooling over the HTC DNA since the announcement was made about it.  Why was I disappointed when I found out I was getting this phone?  Well, the Microsoft App Store is so new that, though they have over 125,000 apps, they don’t have some of the key ones that I turn to every single day.image  However, they are working on that!  So, while I am disappointed that I can’t do instagram on it, there are many things that I am seriously loving about this new phone.  In fact, as I was in bed last night trying to figure out parts of it so I could set my alarm clock, I hit the OneNote button and voice recorded some of my thoughts.  Cool, right?

This post is just one of the many that I will be writing over the course of learning this phone and it is just my initial thoughts and such.  Do not let it sway you either direction… I have only had it a couple days and have LOTS of stuff to learn!

Initial Pros:

  • It is gorgeous!  No really, it is a really pretty phone.  So, call me weird, but that matters to me.
  • It is Microsoft – I use Microsoft Office in every aspect of my daily working life.  I LOVE being able to sync my phone with my computer!
  • It is not afraid of Apple!  Though Microsoft is decidedly PC, this phone integrates (with a simple app download) seamlessly with your Mac computer.  It also will play (and sync) with your iTunes library letting you set up your music right there on your phone!
  • Verizon Wireless 4G LTE!  Phones just do not get any faster than this!  I said it before and I will say it again… it is just as fast as pen and paper!  Maybe faster because I don’t have to search for my phone as I would have to for pen and paper. LOL!
  • Live Tiles!  Live Tiles are certainly a Windows Phone thing and I already love them.  I can customize my home screen in so many ways and not be overwhelmed.  I can’t wait to learn more about them and the things that they can do.
  • The UH-MAY-ZING camera!  The front camera is just as good as the back camera!  A Smartphone first for me!
  • image

    Now, let’s see the Initial Cons:

  • Missing Key Apps – I REALLY need the pinterest and instagram apps on my phone!  As a blogger (well, and a Mom), I use both many times through the day to show off my new items or discuss issues or just to show off my darling Children!
  • Way less Free Apps – I love to play games on my phone (and so do my kids) but I am finding that some of the ones that we play are either not there or are not free within the Microsoft App Store as they are within the Android store
  • The Learning Curve – There seem to be LOTS of cool things about this phone, but you have to learn them.  They aren’t covered in the “Start Here” manual – so the deeper you dig, the cooler it gets. But, the initial thing is kind of frustrating.
    I will be learning things about my phone over the next few months and writing about my findings.  You can also follow the #VZWA hashtag on Twitter to see what cool things the other Ambassadors are finding!
    Note: So far the pros outnumber the cons 2 to 1!  Can we chop the cons down and grow the pros even more?

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  1. says

    I have tried the Nokia Lumia 900 which is a Windows phone. I will agree that it definitely takes some getting used to since I used Androids prior to this phone. I love the color (blue) and that it has Windows. However, I didn’t care for the boxiness of the main screen. I did find a game that is unique to Window phones though that I enjoy. It’s called Wordament. You might check it out. Also, I was deeply disappointed with the lack of certain apps for it (especially Instagram).
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