Blue Cheese and Turkey Club Sandwich

Blue & Turkey Club

Coming up with breakfast and dinner recipes are fairly easy for me. Lunch recipes, now that is a different story!  I want a healthy lunch, a tasty lunch and one that isn’t going to require me in the kitchen all afternoon. I make it a point to come up with lunches that are quick and […]

Mediterranean Turkey Casserole

Mediterranean Turkey Casserole

What are you planning to do with your Thanksgiving Day Turkey leftovers?  Giving families an alternative to a hot open-turkey sandwich the National Pasta Association (NPA) has a few recipes for pasta dishes which feature left-over turkey as a main ingredient. These recipes pair protein rich veggies with leftover turkey and pasta – one of […]

Turkey T-shirts!

Last year, we began an annual family tradition of making turkey t-shirts for Thanksgiving.  I of course, found Chipmunk’s shirt adorable.  My husband asked if we were becoming “one of those families”.  What’s that supposed to mean anyway??My daughter fell instantly in love with the “chicken shirt” (as she called it) and asked to wear […]

O is for Owl {and a turkey tag-a-long}

Apparently Fall is a classic time to take a closer look at owls.  That works for us!  Chipmunk has been getting interested in owls ever since she started listening to Goodnight Blue – A Nighttime Musical Adventure.  In the CD, an owl comes out and talks to Steve about how she eats her breakfast at […]

Zucchini and Turkey Lasagna

Zucchini and Turkey Lasagna

Zucchini takes the place of pasta, and turkey takes the place of beef in this recipe, making it lower in calories than most other lasagna dishes. Add in lots of yummy veggies and fat free cheese, and it is perfect to help us stay fit—and oh so delicious! Zucchini and Turkey Lasagna   Save Print […]

Hail Hail the Gang and the turkey are all here!

Thanks for the guest post by Dave Myers My family’s tradition on Thanksgiving Day is for the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandkids to all meet at my Grandmother Hanna’s house which is just a few blocks from my home in Boston. My uncle James and his wife drive down every year from Nashua N. H […]