Menu Plan Monday: Free Printable Bunny Planner Sheets


This week, I have some fun Easter Bunny Themed printables for you!  Here at 3 Boys and a Dog, I have a week’s worth of planner sheets for you to print out and add to your homemaker handbook.    Just click on the image above to download your pdf printable! Then, if you are like me […]

Week One: A Starting Point with a Printable! (Homemaker Handbook)


It is a new year and that means it is time to get ourselves organized again (or for the first time ever).  Upon going through my blog statistics, I find that to do sheets, master to do lists,  organization, and homemaking are very popular topics on my site.  So, I am working on starting a […]

Menu Plan Monday: Preparing for Thanksgiving


I am lucky in that I don’t have anyone coming to my house for Thanksgiving this year.  So, I do not have to spend the next few days scrubbing my home from top to bottom.  The good news is that you don’t either! When company is coming and your house is a mess, don’t fret!  […]

Menu Plan Monday: Free Kitchen Printables

You know that each week I usually do free printables on each of my sites.  Today, I have other things to discuss on the other sites, so I am offering all the printables in this one location.  I hope you enjoy them! Free Printable Baking Menu Plan Free Printable Baking To Do List (weekly planner) […]

Menu Plan Monday: Fall Leaves Printable To Do List Planner


I make my own printable to do or planner book.  I have hd it perfect with my normal tasks and such for about months.  Well, it is time to start getting the one done for 2013 and I thought that I should offer up a blank one to each of you!  So, I made a […]

Menu Plan Monday: The LONG To Do List


In addition to my huge kitchen rehaul (counters, cabinets, walls, etc) I have a massive to do list for my blog.  Today, I simply have to get things done.  Now, I am on deadlines for a few things, have a ton of people I need to touch base with, and have to get my Holiday […]

FREE: Gotta Get Caught Up To Do List Printable


So, yesterday I told y’all that I was so far behind and drowning in work.  I posted a TON of posts yesterday, got a few drafts going, washed dishes finally got my sheets washed, and even made two printables.  One, I am sharing with you now. So, the first thing I made was a super […]

How To Get Motivated To Complete Your To Do List

We all have to do lists, they just come in many different forms.  I try to keep mine all in Outlook, but I don’t always remember to add a to do task there. My mother keeps bits of paper all over the place… how she can keep up with them is beyond me.  Personally, I […]