Cheese and Dreams: What Exactly is The Truth?


The old wives’ tale that eating cheese before bed would stop you sleeping well due to nightmares does not seem to hold true. Recent studies have found that rather than causing nightmares, eating a 20g block of cheese before bedtime can actually help people to experience more restful and satisfying sleep. Cheese Experiment An experiment […]

Are You A Stressed Out Parent? Try Aromatherapy!

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As a parent of a young child or children you can often find yourself feeling worn out with tiredness and feeling generally run down. You often have disturbed nights and very busy days with little ‘me time’. Here is some information on how aromatherapy can help combat your stress. Aromatherapy can be used in a […]

Baby Napping: 7 Tips for Optimizing the Little One’s Sleep

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Napping seems like such an ordinary thing, but to parents of young children it is a constant concern and often a source of anxiety. We know that getting the maximum amount of sleep possible is good for a child, yet the child is obviously not aware of this, and many seem to naturally resist being […]

Early Bird Nightmares: Coping With Kids and Daylight Savings Time

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Back before you were a parent, the end of daylight savings was a welcome relief to pitch black mornings. An extra hour of sleep is more valuable than gold, especially post parenthood. Enter Sweet Bundle of Joy who doesn’t share your affinity of snoozing and also has a set, circadian rhythm that doesn’t magically readjust […]

Baby’s First Week: What to Expect


For first-time parents, the first week with a new baby is one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, and thrilling times in your life. After months of planning and preparing for this moment, not to mention imagining and desiring for it to come, the simple act of walking through your front door with your baby for […]

Important ‘Tummy Time’ With Your Baby


Parents are now very aware of the importance of laying their babies on their backs to sleep as lying them on their tummies can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In fact, cot deaths have decreased by 40% since the recommendation was put into effect in 1994. But it is also important […]

Menu Plan Monday: Shopping and Scrapbooking

I am sitting at a Days Inn in Gulfport, Mississippi writing this post at 6:15 in the morning.  Yes, I am on vacation and I didn’t even sleep in!  Why?  It is actually very simple… I could not sleep!  This hotel room is a bit shoddy and the beds are super uncomfortable.  Seriously, this Days […]

I Miss My Bed When I Go On Vacation.

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My husband and I LOVE our bed.  It isn’t new, it wasn’t a major purchase, it doesn’t have a memory foam mattress topper, it isn’t fancy or anything of that nature.  It was actually given to us by a co-worker of Ricky’s because the co-worker was getting divorced.  Still, my bed is one AWESOME bed.  […]