Top 12 Recipes of 2012!


The twelve most popular kid friendly recipes of 2012!  On January 19th of 2013, Southern Mom Cooks will celebrate one year!  It has been a fabulous year and I am super excited about what 2013 is going to bring! Number One: Keep It Clean Tilapia Number Two: Buffalo Chicken Dip Number Three: 12 Easy Crockpot Recipes […]

Pinterest Fun: Fathers Day Gift Guides and Ideas!

Fathers Day Gifts

As usual, I have teamed up with Susie QT Pies and Crystal and Company to bring you this weekly linky. Since this post is all about pinning, be sure to pin this post and a few of the posted linkies.  Choose your favorite and click to your heart’s content. So, what can you put in […]

Summer Time Chores Pinterest Round Up


I wrote down a whole bunch of tasks that my older two boys could do around the house onto small bits of paper.  I folded the papers and had each boy choose a task and complete, choose another complete it, etc throughout the day.  It actually worked really well and I am planning to do […]

Pinterest Round Up: My Most Popular Boards!


Pinterest is popular, there is no doubt about it.  For regular people it is the best bookmarking and gossiping feature out there!  For bloggers and businesses it is one of the best traffic drivers around!  Anyway, I was doing some evaluating this week to see what my Pinterest followers were looking at.  That gave me […]

Homeschooling on the Cheap: 05/03/2012


Last week I asked about your ideas for getting the Homeschooling on the Cheap to be bigger and I got lots of ideas from y’all!  Thanks so much, in the next coming weeks, I will be implementing those ideas one and a time to see what works and hopefully grow this linky.  I, personally, think […]

Pinterest Faves: Crockpot Cooking


Sorry, I have been a bit MIA these past few weeks.  I just have so much going on!  From redoing my office to planning for a super big blog event!  Plus, with only about a month left of school, it seems like I am so stinking busy over there that I can’t even think straight! […]

Homeschooling on the Cheap: 04/26/2012


OK, maybe someone can explain to me… why are some weeks of homeschooling on the cheap so much bigger than other weeks?  I wish I could figure it out s I could recreate it every week. Most Visited Links from last week: 1.  Homeschool Organizational Helps from Gricefully Homeschooling 2. Cloud Watching from Tutus and […]

Organizing Paper Stuff Pinterest Round Up #OfficeRedo


Geez at the paper! No, seriously! I am so sick and tired of all the piles.  Besides, I am not being overly green am I?  This week, I am researching some ways to corral all my paper AND I am making a conscience effort to NOT print things unless necessary.  I found lots of fun […]

Pinterest Faves of the Week with Linky!


I am teaming up with Susie QT Pies again this week for her regular weekly linky of Pinterest Faves!  It is pretty simple, just write a post of your favorite pins for the week and link it up to this post!  Then, be sure to visit her each week to link up your new post.  […]