Pinterest Crafts: Halloween

Halloween crafts on pinterest

When looking for some fun crafts and unique DIY decor ideas, I almost never use the search engines anymore, I do a quick search on my favorite social media tool… Pinterest!  I can scroll through the image-rich place in search of the best Pinterest Crafts: Halloween on whatever season I am looking for!  How do […]

Weekend Top Five of Five (Week Three)


Each week (ok so last week was crazy busy and it didn’t happen… LOL! But, each week I log into my analytics and take note of several factors – I have recently started recording those for you guys to see.  This helps me to determine if there are other posts I can interlink into these […]

20+ Office Makeover Pinterest Ideas

office makeover ideas

When was the last time you gave your home office a makeover? If you work from home, treat yourself to an updated office. Pinterest is one of the best places to go to find office makeover ideas. My featured board this week on Pinterest is Office Makeover with over 20 ideas for you to get […]

35 LEGO Instruction Ideas


Legos, Legos and more Legos! Kids love their Legos. What sets are your kids favorite? How many legos do you think your kids own? 1,000? 3,000? How about 5,000 bricks?  I have learned that not just boys love Legos. Did you know that they make pink legos? Pinterest is full of Legos ideas and I […]

30 Favorite Pork Recipes

Pork Recipes

Every where you turn there seems to be another new pork BBQ recipe or something made with bacon. What is your favorite pork cut of meat? Pork Roast? Pork Loin? Bacon? Pork Chops? No matter how you cut it if you like pork then you probably like everything about it. Some pork recipes are so […]

50+ Healthier Lower Calorie Recipes

Healthier Lower Calorie Recipes

I was just looking through my Pinterest boards and one that gets a lot of repins is my Recipes to Try: Low Calorie for Dieters! Pinterest Board. That tells me that you all are looking and needing recipes that are lower in calorie and still taste great! I do pin my healthier recipes here as […]

Stop Summer Brain Drain!

Homeschool Bloggers Google+ Community

This week in our Pinterest Party  I am featuring one of my favorite educational communities on Pinterest and Google Plus. This group, Homeschool Bloggers Google+ Community, is one busy place that  is always sharing educational, kid-friendly ideas. If you are concerned that your kids might be getting a little bit of the summer brain drain then pop […]