An Organized Pool is a Safe Pool #WiseOrganize

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Let’s Be Wise…and Get Organized – Outside! Today is the last post in the #WiseOrganize Series, and Country Leisure Manufacturing has provided us with information on how an organized pool is a safe pool. You can find links to all the other posts in this series, at the bottom of this publication. An Organized Pool […]

Getting Organized: How I Handle My Email Daily (tackling email part 2)


Last week, I showed you how I organize my incoming email and discussed my different boxes. Today, I want to discuss my typical email handling per day!  I haven’t done much in the way of email for a couple days – it was the weekend, then a holiday, then I was sick.  So, I have […]

GIVEAWAY: Get Organized In Just Two Weeks! (Power of Moms)

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When you have as much going on as any average parent, you have to have a system that works to keep your organized!  My husband and I go through several months of the year of never being home at the same time.  So, the typical pocket calendar just will NOT work.  I opted for a […]

Organizing Paper Stuff Pinterest Round Up #OfficeRedo


Geez at the paper! No, seriously! I am so sick and tired of all the piles.  Besides, I am not being overly green am I?  This week, I am researching some ways to corral all my paper AND I am making a conscience effort to NOT print things unless necessary.  I found lots of fun […]

Getting Things Started in my Office! #OfficeRedo


I told you earlier this season that I am trying to tackle a major office reorganization and decorating job.  I am sick of my office, it’s lack of functionality, and it’s plain boringness! Before I can get new organizational goodies, I really need to know what I need.  Right?  So, I spent some time going […]

Get Organized in 2012 and Cut the Clutter

Is one of your upcoming New Year’s Resolutions to finally get rid of some of the stuff you have collected over the years?  To take control of your home and your life?  Mine is.  Of course, my goal is always to cut the clutter.  Just when I think I am getting it under control Christmas […]

Simple Food for the Good Life {Book Review}

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Simple Food for the Good Life: Random Acts of Cooking and Pithy Quotations by Helen Nearing This little book has been through multiple editions since it’s original publication in 1982. Helen Nearing and her husband Scott were pioneers in homesteading and there have been over 30 books written about their lives. The book is much […]