10 Killer Cooking Hacks For You!


Finding shortcuts in the kitchen can save you money, energy, and time while also making the whole cooking experience more enjoyable. Here are 10 killer cooking hacks that will make your time in the kitchen easier. Cut the Acidity of Tomatoes If you’re like most families or amateur cooks, pasta and tomato sauce are staples […]

Homemaker Handbook Week Five: The Family Room!


This week were are going to make some sense of the Family Room!  This is going to be that main room where you converge at the end of the day to veg in front of the television, whether you call it a living room, Den or TV room. If your room looks anything like my […]

Week Four: Cooking in the Kitchen (part 2)


This week we will tackle the insides of our kitchen.  Since we spent last week getting the visible part all clean and decluttered, we should have plenty of room to remove things from the insides and get them all decluttered and cleaned up. Be sure to do a small portion at a time so that […]

Week Three: Cooking in the Kitchen (part 1)


So far we have set up a system to start collecting dirty dishes and laundry from around the house and now we have tackled our bathrooms.  How do you feel?  How is the house coming along? Well, over the next two weeks we will be cooking in the kitchen!  LOL!  Really, we will be starting […]

Get the kids in the kitchen with Joie Shop!


Now that my kids are getting older they are ready to explore and do their own things. They don’t really need me anymore. I miss being able to hold them in my arms and just have that one on one quality time with them. Now in order to get that quality time I have to […]

GIVEAWAY: The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook


The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook brings the enchanting and glorious world of Narnia straight to your kitchen, with over 150 easy-to-make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes, including: · Beautiful Breakfasts- Share a breakfast for the Man-stomach of Centaurs, with stick-to-your-ribs porridge, crispy bacon, tender omelet with sautéed vegetable filling, baked york ham, and toast with […]


Martha Pullen Holiday Tips

Over at the Main site, Martha Pullen’s Southern Family Cookbook: Reflect on the Past, Rejoice in the Present, and Celebrate Future Gatherings with More Than 150 Heirloom Recipes & Meals (Adams Media, November 18, 2012) made the Holiday Gift Guide.  I wanted to bring my Cooking readers’ attention to this great cookbook and wanted to […]

Menu Plan Monday: Free Kitchen Printables

You know that each week I usually do free printables on each of my sites.  Today, I have other things to discuss on the other sites, so I am offering all the printables in this one location.  I hope you enjoy them! Free Printable Baking Menu Plan Free Printable Baking To Do List (weekly planner) […]

Menu Plan Monday: Free Cookbook


When I checked this morning, the book Organized Kitchen that I posted about on the deals site was still free!  I thought it might be a good idea to let my cooking readers know!  Be sure to check the price before hitting “buy now” to be sure this cookbook for your Kindle is still free. […]

FREE BOOK: The Organized Kitchen

An organized kitchen is the salvation every busy cook needs! You’ll save yourself time, money, and stress—all while whipping up delicious, healthy meals your family and friends will love. **be sure to check the price before hitting the buy now button as prices changes often at Amazon! From aprons to zesters, this book provides an […]