Menu Plan Monday: Last Week of Baseball


  I am not going to see my husband a whole lot this week because he is umpiring at the local baseball park (well, he has been doing that since High School Ball, where he Coaches, has been over.  But, this is the last week of it and he wants to make as much extra […]

Menu Plan Monday: Free Easter Menu Printable


I love to have a fun menu on my fridge and have really enjoyed making them for you.  Someone actually asked me if I could compile all of the ones I have made into one place.  I have added that to my to do list and will get on it very soon.   Until then, […]

Jerk Chicken Nachos Recipe

Jerk Chicken Nachos

These are a bit too spicy for the younger children, but Tank (5) doesn’t think they are too hot.  So, I guess it really depends on what the babes are accustomed to.  Mine eat spicier foods on a fairly regular basis. Not sure if that it because we live so close to New Orleans or […]

Menu Plan Monday: Rada Cutlery Giveaway #DinnerIdeas


Honestly, my head is not in the ballgame today.  I stayed up way too late waiting for the game to be over so I could watch American Idol.  Then, I didn’t sleep very well!  I hope this is not a preview of how my entire week is going to be. LOL! Ok, y’all do not […]

Menu Plan Monday: Last Full Week of School!


I am actually quite depressed today!  I have exactly one week to get nine million things done, then summer is here!  I am excited about summer – in fact, we spent the weekend getting the pool cleaned and it is filling as I write, but summer is short and when it is over, all of […]

Recipe Index: Kid Friendly Recipes

I have had some people say they are having a hard time finding all of the kid friendly recipes on 3 Boys and a Dog.  So, today I am taking the time to link all of my recipes in one location. Appetizers: Buffalo Chicken Dip Pizza Dip Pizza Pinwheels Parmesan Fondue <—definitely party favorite! Roasted […]