Mom’s Manual Day #9: Bonus Rooms Zone Cleaning

Cleaning lists for playroom, living room, office, laundry room, and more

DAY NINE – You remember that we should spend 15 mins per day cleaning our zone… at the end of the week your zone/focus area should be nice and clean. But, you may need to do some major decluttering first – start the first day off my wiping down flat surfaces, vacuuming/sweeping, and emptying the […]

Mom’s Manual Day 8: Cleaning the Kitchen

home cleaning lists for Mom

Today we are going to be hitting up the heart of the home!  Mom’s Manual Day 8 focuses on setting up a kitchen and dining room cleaning plan.  Your “eat-in places are Zone 2 – the things that get cleaned on the 2nd week of each month. You remember that we should spend 15 mins […]

Mom’s Manual Day #7: Cleaning Your Entryway

Mom's Manual Day #7: Cleaning Your Entryway

Starting with Mom’s Manual Day 7,  we begin breaking down our home into deep cleaning areas and figure out the tasks needed to clean them. You remember that we should spend 15 mins per day cleaning our “zone”… at the end of the week your zone/focus area should be nice and clean because you will have put almost 2 full […]

Mom’s Manual Day #6: Kids Chores

Free Printable Kids Chores Chart

Day SIX: How is it going? Is your Mom’s Manual Coming together? Do your chores look overwhelming? Now, you need to learn to delegate.  Today we are going to set up some chores for our kids to do. No matter the age, your kids can do chores!  This handy little chart tells you the types of […]

Mom’s Manual Day #5: Weekly Master To Do List

Weekly Master To Do List Printable and Suggestions

DAY FIVE: Hi! Today you need your weekly brainstorm list to help you complete your Mom’s Manual. We need to decide which days to devote to which weekly chores. Below is how my schedule is set up, however, you may find that doesn’t work for you.  You have to really think about your week and how […]

How to Get Kids to Help You Clean

season cleaning series

Even though women seem to have the seasonal cleaning gene (more so than men), that does not mean you should have to do everything on your own. It is both mentally and physically draining for one person to clean a house by himself or herself. When you have an entire family making the messes around the […]

Homemaking on the Cheap Ideas and Pinterest Party

Homemaking on the Cheap Pinterest

One of my most popular boards on Pinterest is Homemaking on the Cheap! That is my go-to spot to put deals, diy projects, make your own cleaning supplies and more! Do you have any favorite homemaking on the cheap ideas?  Check out my pins to find something new and link up your ideas below! I have […]

Get 97 Parenting / Homemaking eBooks for less than 31 cents each!

For 6 days only, more than 75 widely-known bloggers and authors in the homemaking sphere have joined together to offer 97 of their most popular eBooks and eCourses, valued at just over $600, for the incredibly low price of $29.97! For this low price, you gain access to every single one of these resources, so […]

Top 12 Parenting and Homemaking Posts of 2012


While many of my posts did well this year (especially the giveaways) I wanted to reflect back on the ones that you guys really seemed to connect with and share around the web.  Thanks to Pinterest (and you pinning)!  Pinterest alone sent this site over 10,000 new visitors in 2012!  Thanks so much! So, in […]