FREE: Shark Week Fun Shark Facts from Nemo!

As the Discovery Channel kicks-off their annual Shark Week soon (July 5th), Disney*Pixar would like share a very special message: Fish are Friends! FINDING NEMO 3D Swims into Theaters September 14th!  Watch a special clip below: What kind of shark is Chum? How many teeth does Bruce actually have? Find out the answers to these […]

21 Fun Things for Kids to Eat This Summer!

Yummy Kids Snack Ideas

Summer is here and the boys are raiding the kitchen! Do have have this same problem? They are growing right! We are hard at work coordinating some super awesome summer snack ideas for the kiddos. These recipes are so easy that they can even help! Make an activity out of it and enjoy the snack! […]

A Teachable Moment: Shake Up Winter!


Winter can be a dreary time of year, promoting indoor, sedentary activity. This is the main reason that kids and adults tend to gain weight during these months. Winter is also sometimes associated with feelings of sadness or depression, which may be alleviated by sunlight and enough physical activity. Therefore, despite the challenges of cold, […]

Seeds for the Birds : Peaceable Kingdom

 Guess what!!! It’s family night! Time to get out a game and just spend some fun time with the family. Question is what game? Peaceable Kingdom offer several different kind of games that fit just about every need! The thing I love the most about Peaceable Kingdom are their cooperative game. I haven’t heard of cooperative games […]

32 Thanksgiving and Fall Goodies

Thanksgiving and Fall Goodies

Fall is such a fun time of the year to cook. I’ve been collecting fun pins over on my Thanksgiving Board for you to check out. I hope you find something new to create. You can find the above pins on that board, too! 1-Apple Recipes 2- Baked Pumpkin Spiced Donuts 3-Thanksgiving Sides Do you […]

Heely’s : Transportation for Your Kids


“Roll…Walk….Roll…Walk…Roll…Roll Some More. Maybe now I will walk or roll. Mom it’s hard to decide what to do next!” All of this came from my very excited five-year-old boy. What is he talking about? He had just put on his first pair of Heely’s. Just in case you haven’t heard of Heely’s before they are […]