Giveaway: $100 Amex Card from Fisher-Price Moments of Joy

Joshua is born 016

I found out about this awesome new addition to the Fisher-Price Website…Moments of Joy.  It is a fantastic place to post past (or present) memorable moments!  You know, the ones that you have to blog about, put on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or email out.  They are even having a contest right now as they […]

Giveaway: Madagascar Jumpstart


My kids have been enjoying JumpStart and Math Blaster for over a year now, they love it!   I was excited to hear that the creators of these two award-winning educational games had the brilliant idea to launched a new partnership with DreamWorks and included a new interactive Madagascar land inside of JumpStart called the Central Park Zoo. […]

Super Cheap Children Books for Kindle

I found some AMAZING deals on Kindle books for kids today.. seriously, like penny and nickel books.  Crazy, right?  Snatch these up while you can! Please, don’t forget to check the price before clicking the buy now button so you don’t accidently pay more for something you thought you were getting super cheap! Do you […]

Educational Lego Ideas for Homeschooling


I have three boys so it is inevitable that I have Legos!  I have never counted them, but I would guess we have over 5,000 pieces!  Consequently, we have TONS of money tied up in them.  I am forever looking for new ideas to keep from having to buy more. LOL!  Thanks to Pinterest, the […]

GIVEAWAY: MathiGo Fun and Educational Math App

MathiGo Logo

MathiGo is an educational app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, with, you guessed it, a focus on math ;D. It’s hard to find good educational apps for kids so I was excited to give this one a try. I downloaded the app and handed it over to my seven year old daughter, who […]