REVIEW: AVG Internet Security 2012

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AVG Internet Security 2012 is one of the internet’s premier, anti-virus software programs. It is designed for both home and business use. Designed by internet security specialists with the help of and contributions from the AVG user community, the program’s most recent release is its best. AVG is able to identify, quarantine and get rid […]

SpillSeal FULLY-WASHABLE Keyboard – Perfect for Moms {Review}

Water proof keyboard

Yep, you read correctly, SpillSeal® S6000K – Washable Antimicrobial Protected Keyboard is FULLY-WASHABLE!  Can you believe it?  Not just that but did you know that studies have even proven that computer keyboards carry up to five times more germs as much bacteria as a toilet seat!  Yes you read right, a toilet seat.  How disgusting is that???  […]

Blogging Basics: Clean Up Your Computer

If you are a blogger, your computer is your most important business tool.  If it goes out, you are in trouble!  As part of National Cleaning Week, I am going to give you some tips and ideas to clean up your computer and keep your blog running at optimum potential! Important Ways To Keep Your Computer Up […]

My Computer is Back, Black Friday, and DISCOUNT!


I left at 2:30 this morning to start my Black Friday shopping and went the entire day.  It is now 8 pm and I have been home long enough to eat and hug my family!  While shopping, I received a phone call from the computer guy to set up a time to fix my computer.  […]

STUPID STUPID COMPUTERS: Dell Inspiron 570 Desk Top

So, I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 570 desktop and it has already died on me!  yes, seriously!  I am on my ASUS netbook writing this at the moment, but this computer is very small and is really only supposed to be for checking email while I am out of town.  I wanted to […]

10 Weeks Until Christmas: Computer Clean Up ( #GIVEAWAY @Seagate )

The holidays are getting closer and closer!  Are you prepared to get cards sent out, pictures taken, videos made?  Yeah, me either!  That is why this week is all about getting that computer up to par and setting up a backup system so you don’t lose all that precious info!  Plus, if the computer is […]

REVIEW: AVG Internet Security 9.0 Software


This couldn’t have come at a better time, could it?  We have all been listening to my rants on 3 Boys and a Dog, Twitter, and FaceBook.  I have had a virus!  A yucky, nasty, can’t get rid of virus.  I now have my new computer and am in heaven.  But, I don’t want my […]

Thanks for Being Patient With Me! Still no computer!

Short and sweet. I know that I have several giveaways to close and many reviews and giveaways to get written, but I simply can’t do any of it until my computer comes in.   On the plus side, it is out for delivery!  So, I should have it today and my wonderful readers are being […]

Menu Plan Monday: Labor Day Week

I still don’t have my computer and am really starting to go insane.  On the plus side, I seem to have gotten rid of the virus.  On the downside, my computer is super slow…. seriously SLOW!  I still can’t access many websites because they time out before my slow computer will open them all the […]

Menu Plan Monday: Still have a virus

Well,  Please note that I have the Google Analytics Virus… I thought I had gotten rid of it, but I can’t.  I have ordered a new computer and am just waiting on it to come in… in the meantime, I can not access MOST websites as it redirects to spam ones so I can’t update […]