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Review: San-J sauces

I like making Chinese food for my family, so I was very interested in trying these!

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About San-J (from their website)

“When San-J founder San-Jirushi decided to build a plant to brew Tamari in North America, there was an instant attraction to Virginia. With climate an important factor in the Tamari brewing process, and that of the Chesapeake Bay area being quite similar to Mie, Richmond was a perfect choice. In addition, Richmond is close to both the mountains and the bay, again bearing a remarkable resemblance to Mie. With access to vital roadways and rail distribution networks, the decision was easy.

San-Jirushi’s 200 years of experience was paramount in the design and construction of the state-of-the-art facility. The result is a plant using authentic Japanese brewing methods combined with modern technology to produce Tamari.

San-Jirushi was founded by the Sato family in 1804 as a Tamari and miso company. It was built in Mie, Japan, more than 200 years ago because its hot humid summers and chilly winters are ideal for Tamari fermentation. At one time, Tamari was brewed with the waters that flow out of the nearby Suzuka mountain range, which is fabled in Japanese folklore for its purity. Three major rivers, the Ibi, the Kiso and the Nagara, which flow into the Bay of Ise also made Mie the perfect location. In early times, this river system was San-Jirushi’s access to raw ingredients as well as its main channel for distribution. San-Jirushi’s logo of three horizontal bars represent the three rivers. The name San-Jirushi means “the mark of three”.

Today, the Sato family still plays a vital role at both San-J and San-Jirushi. Current San-J President, Takashi Sato, is an eighth-generation member of the founding family, and San-J continues the tradition by faithfully following the exacting standards for brewing the finest Tamari.”

Their sauces are gluten-free and certified kosher!

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My Thoughts

We tried out four of the sauces and they were all a huge hit!  My two-year-old was begging for more orange chicken.  Everyone loved the Asian BBQ sauce!  The teriyaki chicken was well-liked.  And of course the chicken fried rice was awesome!  I loved how it poured out of the bottle and wasn’t as watery as some other soy sauces.  It had less sodium, and I felt like it took a lot less to get it to the right color!  My family loved it the way it was and didn’t need more sauce, which was pretty exciting for me!  My family all loved our Asian meal and we have these awesome sauces to thank!  I’m super excited with how well everything turned out, so now I will be able to cook my own instead of buying frozen!  Hurray!

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Buy it!

You can buy it here online, or you can search here to find a local store.

*Disclaimer:  I was provided sauces by San-J and was not paid for my opinion!  These are my own (and my family’s) thoughts and can’t be bought!*

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  1. Sounds very delicious
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  2. Vickie Couturier says:

    my family loves spicy foods so this would be something that wouldnt last long

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