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Review: Kiwi Crate Activity Subscription

This sounded like such a great idea!  You get activities in a box every month to entertain your kids!

About Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is a subscription-based activity service for kids, dedicated to sparking children’s natural creativity.  Each month, Kiwi Crate provides families with hours of hands-on-fun–delivered right to your doorstep!  Kiwi Crate is designed to offer the ultimate convenience for busy parents by providing all of the inspiration and materials needed to inspire creativity and curiosity.  Kiwi Crate projects are age-appropriate for boys and girls ages 3 to 6.  Each Kiwi Crate delivery centers on a particular theme (e.g. Colors, Gardening, or Dinosaurs) and includes all the materials needed for a child to create at least two projects.  Projects range from arts and crafts to science experiments to imaginative play and more.  Activities are designed by a community of parents, guided by the Kiwi Crate advisory board, and tested by kids to ensure developmentally-appropriate and engaging activities.  The Kiwi Crate website has additional resources for each theme to encourage further exploration.  Kiwi Crates are delivered monthly by mail.  Subscriptions can be ordered month-to-month, annually, or gifted for three, six or twelve month periods.

My Thoughts

I think this “crate” is fantastic!  It got here super fast (FedEx) and had fun activites ready made for my kids to do!  There was enough for all four of my older kids to make dinosaur “fossils!”  They are ages 2-9, so the age range could be expanded!  Then when they were done, they had a ton of fun with the dough making all kinds of other things (including a Baby Jesus and a star)!  That was very fun!  The other activity looks like lots of fun too!  They will get to make dinosaur feet and after they play as dinosaurs they can use the bags individually!  This is so fun, and it took a load off of my shoulders!  They were able to play on the table as I made dinner and they had a LOT of fun!  I had a hard time getting them to put it away to eat!  This is definitely a great gift to give for Christmas!

As a plus, the crate is super strong, as evidenced by my 4-year-old stepping on it and it not falling in.  Awesome!

Buy it!

You can buy your own (or for a child you know and love) crate here!  Monthly subscriptions are $19.95 per month, including shipping.  An annual subscription is value priced at $220 and includes one free month.  Three and six month gift packages are also available ($60 and $110, respectively).

*Disclaimer:  I was provided a crate to review from Kiwi Crate and was not compensated for my thoughts and opinions!*

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About Tamera

I'm a happily married mom of five: one boy and four girls. They range in age from eight to seven weeks. I'm a student in elementary education and am about two years from graduating! I love to read, make crafts of all kinds, and do artsy things (including making pretty foods)!


  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I think that I will have to look into this once my goddaughter is old enough to do this ^___^

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