Review: Dr. Drip Single Brew Coffee Packet

Dr. Drip

The Organic Tonic blend

I can’t seem to get my day started without a cup of coffee (or six!)  Thank goodness for coffee makers!  But what I really don’t like, are the mornings where I can’t stay home and drink all that delicious coffee that I brewed.  I am not lucky enough to have one of those pod style coffee makers where I can just brew a cup at a time (someday), and sometimes I’d love to just enjoy one cup.

Well, I am in luck, and so are you!  There is this great little product out there, called Dr. Drip.  It’s a little packet, about the size of a hot chocolate packet, and inside is your whole drip coffee maker!  Okay, not really, but the coffee sure does taste like it.  What is actually inside is a little cardboard frame that you pop open and place on the top of your own coffee mug.  Inside that frame, is a filter with coffee grounds in it, and you pour your own boiling water through it.  Abracadabra, you have “automatic drip” coffee, with no coffee maker to tote along.

I was a little skeptical when I received these to try.  I thought it would taste like “instant” coffee, and I am not a big fan there.  Also, there is a very small learning curve when first using the product – you have to pour slowly and carefully (take my word for it!)  But once I got it made, and fixed it up like I like it (fat free creamer & 2 packets of sweetener), I couldn’t tell the difference from the coffee I make in my own coffeepot.  I was surprised, pleasantly, and thrilled.

Just think – you can make your coffee without electricity if you need to.  What a great idea for camping trips, road trips, even power outages!  All you need is a way to heat the water (campfire, even the grill!)

Here is the description from the company: “Dr. Drip is a new single-serve brew system that combines the classic drip brew method with convenience and portability, bringing freedom and flexibility to your mug.  Each package contains a free-standing filter packed with expertly roasted, precisely ground Arabica beans that require only the addition of hot water to deliver the alluring aroma and full-bodied taste of a freshly brewed cup.  Dr. Drip coffee is all-natural and organic, and fair trade sourced from the world’s best growing regions.  While the Doctor does provide instant satifaction, it bears no relation to ‘instant coffee’, and is packaged in Earth-friendly materials that are recyclable and compostable.”

See, it’s good for the Earth too!  And it comes in four “distinct and flavorful blends”: The Organic Tonic: A 100% USDA Certified Organic blend; The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up: A Dark Roasted Sumatra Blend for the truly bold and brazen.; The Double Daily Remedy: A Premium Signature Blend; and The Decaf Energizer: Resounding Proof that there’s more to love than just the caffeine buzz.  Each box has 5 single serve drip packs in it, for $8.99 per box, or packages of 15 packets for $19.99.  They can be purchased at  You can also visit them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was given Dr. Drip Single Serve coffee packets to help facilitate my review.  Any opinions stated are strictly my own.

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  1. momznite says

    I like it when companies use materials that can recycled, or better yet, composted.

  2. says

    I have tried one of the big name, well known brands and really disliked it. I like strong coffee and felt like I had to add 3 or 4 packets to achieve this. Hmm. Maybe I will try this. Thanks.