Product Review: Beanfield’s Chips

What do you rPico de Gallo Beanfields chipseach for when you want a salty snack?  Chances are, a lot of you are saying chips right now.  How many of you are looking for “something different” than those chips?  Whether it’s for health reasons, dietary reasons, or just to switch it up, sometimes you just want something else.  Well, here is something quite different to peak your interest, Beanfield’s Bean & Rice Chips!

Okay, before you say no way, you need to give them a try.  I was a little hesitant, wondering how they would taste.  I am trying to eat more healthy foods these days, and thought, why not?  They certainly can’t be as bad for me as plain old greasy potato chips, right?  These chips are made from black & navy beans, and rice.  That means lots of fiber for your diet (which also means it will keep you fuller for longer too!)  They are also gluten free  & corn free, so if someone in your family has those diet restrictions, they can still enjoy a snack with the family.  They are also “non-GMO”, which means they are not genetically modified.  Plus, they are free of the top 8 allergens in food!  Great for families with sensitive tummies.

Yes, but HOW DO THEY TASTE?  They come in four great flavors: unsalted, Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Pepper, and Pico de Gallo flavor.  They LOOK rather different than your typical chip, but more like a tortilla chip.  Because of the beans, they are obviously darker than your usual chips.  We decided to try the Sea Salt flavor first…very crisp and crunchy, and a tasty flavor.  Almost a little “nuttier” than corn based chips, but after the initial taste, they were good to go, especially with some salsa or cheese dip!!  I’m a salt fiend, as are most of our family, so the unsalted weren’t as popular, but my hubby, the chip fanatic of our house, ate those down without so much as a wimper.  He also liked the Sea Salt & Pepper flavor, but my favorite had to be the Pico de Gallo one!!!  That bag was pretty much all mine!  I think, besides the spicy taste, I loved that they had no greasiness to them at all.  I hate that with regular chips, and was thrilled to notice these did not leave my hands all slick after eating them.

Now, where can you find these?  Well, you can always buy them online at their site – Beanfields.  They also have a store locator on their site, so you can find where they might carry them in your area.  They don’t have them in stores yet here, so online it would be for me.  There is even a form for you to bring to your stores to request them to carry Beanfields.   Of course, they also have a Facebook page and are on Twitter.

All in all, I thought these were a great, healthier alternative to the usual potato or tortilla chips.  By themselves (especially that yummy Pico de Gallo flavor),  or with some salsa, they are a filling snack to get your “crunch on”.  With the protein & fiber in them, they also keep you from wanting another snack a few minutes later – which is fabulous if you’re trying to watch your weight.

Disclaimer: I was sent an assortment of chips to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Eileen says

    thanks so much for reviewing this! I have never heard of them and with teens and hubby who has a “crunch and salt” addiction. So nice to have an alternative that is healthier.


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