PR Friendly

Reviews and Giveaways

We do approximately one review and giveaway per month on this Deals site, but the value must be at least 100 dollars and you must be willing to ship the giveaway items to the United States as well as Canada.

  • Product Reviews – A Full-sized, non-returnable, sample must be sent to blogger for review. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE BLOG PLACEMENT. Re-views may be placed within round-ups (example: 5 great gifts for mom)  At this time, there is no placement fee for this option.
  • Reviews and Giveaways – A review with a giveaway is our favorite!  At this time, there is no placement fee for this option.
  • Straight Giveaways – Personalized post, giveaway, social media promotion.  At this time, there is a placement fee for this option.

What a review and giveaway means at 3 Boys and a Dog:

Non-returnable item sent to me for review. A review post is at least 300 words and includes:

  • Picture (s)
  • Social Media Links (if you provide them)
  • Information about your product
  • Where to buy links with prices (we also like to include a 3BD specific discount code if possible)
  • Our personal thoughts
  • Giveaways at 3BD typically last 2 weeks unless you request a different time frame.

If you have a product that you would like us to consider, please email us with “Product Consideration” in the subject line.

For other advertising opportunities with 3 Boys and a Dog, please see our Advertising Page or our Guest Posting Policy