Now Hiring: Do You Have a Blog? Do you do giveaways?

If you are interested… I am gearing up for 2013 and am looking for bloggers: 

If you are interested in hosting a giveaway on your site to promote my upcoming Twitter Parties, please fill out this form. Please have a well established blog with a good fan base.  I suggest no less than 5000 unique visitors per month.

If you are chosen, you will host a giveaway on your site for two weeks that includes a link to the Twitter Party sign up sheet, tweet about the upcoming twitter party, and do a facebook blast. For this you will receive $25.00 and be able to giveaway a promotional item of at least $25.00. 

If you add your name to the list, I will contact you when I have a fit. 

It is only 25 dollars, but it is an easy post.

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