Month Two Check In and Month Three Goals #Cinchspiration

Wow… just wow!  It has been two months on the Shaklee Cinch Loss Plan.  I am so shocked by looking at my pictures.  You know that I have been frustrated by my weight this entire month.  I have been gone so much that dieting was SUPER hard!  But, the shakes and bars  just a time or two a day must have really made a different in my weight loss and the pills has boosted my metabolism.  Look for yourself!

Before After Two Month

I also did my video journal which you can see below:

Be sure to follow along with the rest of the girls:


DISCLAIMER – I will receive 6 months of Shaklee products and services free of charge for being a part of Team #Cinchspiration. I will be 100% honest in all of my reviews for this opportunity. All opinions of Shaklee and Cinch in all related posts are those of Kelli at 3 Boys and a Dog

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    • Kelli says

      Thanks Krista! I still have a ways to go to my goal weight, but I feel so great on the Cinch stuff!

  1. Carolann Calies Foerch says

    Wow Kelli, u r doing so great. so obvious in the pics…u MUST be toning up good because it looks like u lost more than u did. I enjoyed your video..thanks…wondering if you are participation in the giveaway?sure wish I was one of team cinch spiration! I KNOW Shaklee for many years and wouldn’t do anything else. but have been off it and need to get it again.