Merry Christmas to Me! Love, @Kenmore and #cookmore


Back in October, I told you about the fabulous Kenmore Grab-N-Go Refrigerator, discussed my kitchen re-do, and talked about needing appliances.  In fact, in that post I gave you a quick video run-down of my falling apart stove and fridge.

Fast forward a couple months and I received an out-of-the-blue email asking if I were still interested in reviewing a new Kenmore Elite Refrigerator.  Um.. yes, please!

So, over the next several months, I will be talking about my products! 

What Large Appliances I am Receiving:

Not only will I be receiving these appliances to play with, cook on, store food in, and admire in my redone kitchen, but I will also be posting on Kenmore’s CookMore site regularly as a Featured Foodie!  Yes, seriously!

Kenmore has been in homes for 100 years and I know why!  Kenmore products are made-to-last and I am excited about getting some Kenmore products back in my kitchen.  I had a Kenmore fridge in my house when my husband and I first got married.  It was the first purchase we ever made.  Unfortunately, that fridge went with Hurricane Katrina!

Stay tuned as I bring you in-depth looks at the newest appliances, new fun recipes on them, and more information about the super cool CookMore site!

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    • Kelli says

      Alaina, it is electric :-) We are also an electric household. I hope to have them installed before Christmas! Working on setting up a time with my local store to get them. :-)

    • Kelli says

      Thanks Linds! We went to Sears last night and met with the store manager and a few associates. Everyone was super nice and they were able to get me delivery for Friday. :-)

    • Kelli says

      Thanks Tabitha! I am super excited about them and even more excited that they will be in by Christmas. :-)

    • Kelli says

      Thanks Connie! The little associate, Debra, that was helping me get everything sorted (at my local sears) must have said, “Merry Christmas to you!!!!” at least 47-thousand times. LOL! I think she was as excited as I was. LOL!