Menu Plan Monday: Thinking About Blogging

This week, in addition to my menu plan helping to keep the kitchen from heating up, it is quick and easy!  Being gone for so long and leaving again later this week and really ruined my normal blogging schedule.  I have a list of at least 30 posts that I am slogging through writing, about 15 printables ordered, and thousands of emails in my inboxes!

So, today I am thinking about how I can maximize my computer time and not get sidetracked.  Obviously, using my timers to control my time and avoid the SISMS (sucked into social media syndrome) is one way to combat the time drain, but what else can I do to utilize my time wisely?

1.  Timers

2.  Make a list of 3 MUST DO, SPECIFIC items and do those FIRST!  When those are complete, reward yourself, take a very short (10 minute) break, and make a new list.

3.  Break your big tasks into smaller bites.

Be sure to print out your coupons this week!  Remember, you should be able to print them twice.

Ok, on to my menu planning ideas for this week:


MondayCrockpot Pizza

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Salads

Wednesday: Crockpot Pizza Soup <– oh man, we had this 2 weeks ago and the kids are already begging for it again.  I promise to get the recipe posted as soon as possible

Thursday: NOLA Baby!

Friday: see above Smile

Don’t forget to visit Org Junkie & Susie QT Pies for Hundreds more menu planning ideas and before heading to the grocery store… Print coupons for your favorite brands and save at

Looking for more weekly meal plans?  You can find plenty of recipes as well as a free menu planning sheet on my kid friendly recipes page!

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