Menu Plan Monday: Celebrating 14 Years!



This weekend, my husband and I will have our 14 year wedding anniversary!  I got married at 19 and am still 100% in love with my husband.  Sometimes, I feel like we have hit the “old married people” rut, but then he gives me that look and I blush and giggle like I did 14 year ago!

To celebrate, I think we are hoping to pawn our children off on the grandparents so we can go out but even if that isn’t possible, we will get some alone time somehow! Do you celebrate your anniversary?

Crystal and Company wrote an amazing ebook that shows you how to meal plan and gives you several menu planning ideas!  I highly recommend it… #justsaying  Click here to visit How to Meal Plan eBook.

Be sure to print out your coupons this week!  Remember, you should be able to print them twice.


Ok, on to my menu planning ideas for this week:

Monday: Bryant Burgers and Fries! My husband has a baseball game tonight and I am planning to go. So, that means yummy park burgers. Seriously, these are the BEST burgers around!

Tuesday: Crockpot Pizza

Wednesday: Loaded Chicken Breasts, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli

Thursday: Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Soup <– this was linked to my Dinner Time Linky at Southern Mom Cooks. I am excited to try it because it really sounds AMAZING!

Friday: Leftovers

Don’t forget to visit Org Junkie & Susie QT Pies for Hundreds more menu plans and before heading to the grocery store… Print coupons for your favorite brands and save at

Looking for more ideas?  You can find plenty of recipes as well as a free menu planning sheet on my kid friendly recipes page!

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  1. jim allen says

    I have four boys, and We are so blessed that our kids are healthy, but i find a relationship is like swimming ahead of a shark, you both have to keep up with each other or one gets eaten.

    Stay close, and the old saying, Whats the difference between a Rut and a Grave, 2 feet.

    My mom use to tell me every night, and every morning, just say 3 things your grateful for, and you will stay positive. If you have a dog that is my mission, keep them with you always. Happpppppy Anniversary !!!!!!!!!!