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Telling Stories with LEGO Education: Story Starter

One of the coolest products that I have recently discovered is the LEGO Education Story Starter kits. Because I have a son who struggles with creative writing I think lego education may be just the thing he needs.


Telling Stories with LEGO

LEGO toys are both effortless and versatile. Children of all ages, including adults, enjoy spending hours putting together both simple and elaborate 3-dimensional structures. But the LEGO brick is more than just a fascinating toy. So much can be learned from using LEGO bricks. They can be used as a platform for many areas of learning, such as .

I have in the past used several online resources from blogs to download ,  lesson plans from other homeschool parents and I even pulled together some materials for our homeschool co-op. I recently began looking into ways of expanding the use of LEGO bricks into homeschool education. I had known about LEGO Education products for a long time, but hadn’t really taken the time to research the options that are available.

When I saw the Story Starter kits I at first thought this was a program similar to the that you see on You-Tube, which uses stop-motion animation to tell a story. But after looking closer and researching further I came to see that Story Starters was so much more than that.

Who will be inspired by Story Starters?

  • Children struggling in reading , creative writing or language arts skills will be motivated by the hands on approach.
  • Little ones  who love to write or story tell will be inspired by the unique story telling platform.
  • Families who enjoy the art of story telling.
  • Children who love reading comic strips will be thrilled to be able to produce their own.
  • Kids who struggle with handwriting will be relieved to be able to story tell without the mechanics.
  • Anyone who wants to build stories in a unique way and modern way.
  • Boys (or girls) who love building with LEGO bricks will learn to think creatively to put together story scenes.
  • By using additional elements than those that come in the Story Starter kit, your children can let their imaginations take flight.


Lego story telling

LEGO Education has taken the writing of stories out of the pencil and paper box and put it smack dab in the middle of cutting edge technology.

This is how LEGO Education Story Starters works:

  • Using LEGO elements, whether your own family supply or the ones from the kit, your children build a story scene.
  • They take a photo of the scene.
  • Then they build additional scenes taking photos of each of the scenes.
  • These photos are then uploaded to the LEGO Story Starter software.
  • From there, the child will place their photos in a layout in the order of the story they have created. Think layouts for magazine publishing.
  • Then they add story details.  This is where the writing part comes in, they are telling the story about what those photos represent.
  • Next comes the super cool part. They hit the print button and the software converts their photographic images of the 3-d structures that they took along with the story elements and converts it to a story booklet, newspaper article or comic strip. Yes, I said comic strip.

Story telling  is an art that has long had a place in families, we tell stories to our children for entertainment or family history sake. I think Story Starter can open a world of possibilities to  inspire creativity in your whole family. Whether you are a homeschooling parent looking to enhance your educational options or a public schooling parent who loves inspiring your children at home, this can enhance your child’s language arts and creative thinking skills in a fun, modern way.

While I know this product was created for use in an educational environment I think the application is ideal for ANY family with children simply because of the excitement it will build. For example, I find genealogy research to be a thrilling way to study and  tell family history.  By combining my love of genealogy with Story Starter, my son and I could tell our family story in a totally cool, kid friendly state of the art way.

This fascinating product which includes Story Starter Curriculum Pack and Story Visualizer Software is available for purchase from .

How often do you encourage your children to tell your stories?  What are some ways your family would be inspired by the possibilities of this item?

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    This looks amazing! We are huge Lego enthusiasts. I just popped over and started reading about it!! This would be right up my son Xander’s alley!! Heading back over… thank you for posting about this, it’s very cool :)