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Keeping Mom and Baby Comfortable: The Best Baby Carriers

How did mom in the past get anything done before the art of babywearing became popular? Yes, mothers have carried their children around in papooses and slings for centuries, but the benefits of “wearing” the baby has just been discovered by moms in the big cities and suburbs. Once you try babywearing, you will be amazed at how easy it is to do, how comfortable it really feels, and how much you can get done with your baby coming along for the ride.

Babywearing Tips

Wear Your Baby for Better Bonding

As the mother of two, I quickly realized the benefits of babywearing. I toted by first born around the best baby carrier of the day, the Baby Bjorn. I used it before my sweet baby girl could hold up her head, which means I used it in the front facing style. She loved cuddling up in the cocoon of the carrier where she could hear my heartbeat. Because of her lack of muscle tone as a newborn, I wore the Baby Bjorn on the front of my body, but she faced in towards my chest.

When to Switch to Front Facing

However, the comfort of the front facing baby carrier only lasted for a few short months. Once she was able to hold up her head and she developed more upper body strength, she wanted to see everything. It was easy to tell when she was ready to face the front and see the world. Every high end infant carrier should allow moms to be able to face their babies in a variety of ways, especially as those babies get older. My daughter started to fuss when she was sick of facing my chest. I will admit, I did not understand what her crying was about at first, but once I realized that she wanted to see the world, she stopped crying.

Once she began facing the front, she never looked back. I did not mind. The world was much more fun with her involved. Nearly all of our shopping excursions involved her facing out and me pointing out the pretty shoes, the different types of salsa, or the fabulously colorful necklaces. Even though she had no idea how to sniff on demand, I would put candles up to her nose when we walked past the best smelling ones in the stores.

When to Move to a Bigger Carrier

By the time she could sit up, she no longer wanted to stay in the front facing Baby Bjorn. I knew there would become a time when she wanted more. Fortunately, I discovered more types of baby carriers that were better for older babies. I purchased a baby backpack and a baby sling. The backpack did not work well, but the sling was a hit.

Extra Hands makes Work Easier

Since I was used to using the Baby Bjorn as my extra set of hands when I went shopping or cleaned the house, I enjoyed the fact that I could move in several ways without worrying about my daugher falling out of the carrier. However, with the backpack, I did not feel as secure. But, what really made me dislike the backpack was the fact that my daughter could pull my hair. She loved being able to give my hair-do a little tug and hearing me react. It did not matter how I reacted, she laughed and did it some more. Bye-bye backpack.

Riding on the Hip in a Baby Sling

The sling, on the other hand, was perfect. My adorable daughter could ride on my hip, but the sling served as my extra arm. I could do everything that I did with the Baby Bjorn and did not have to worry about her falling out or pulling my hair. I bought several slings to match my different outfits. My daughter would ride in her carseat on route to our destination, but once we arrived, I put her right into the sling and got the job done.

Baby Number Two and the Heel Experience

When baby number two came along, I guessed that I needed to continue working with the best baby carrier. Where my daughter loved riding in the Baby Bjorn, my son only liked being able to face out. As a brand new squishy newborn, he cried every time I put him in the Baby Bjorn. This unfortunate event made me try out the sling with a newborn. Using a sling with a brand new baby is very nerve-wracking. The baby actually lays inside of the sling, along like inside of a big handbag. I hated this, because the sling closed around his face and I had no idea if he was breathing.

Busy Mom of Two

Needless to say, I did not get much done when my son came into the world. With a busy two-year old who no longer wanted to for any rides and a brand new baby who cried anytime I put him in a sling, I knew I was in trouble. So, I waited in my messy home until my son was able to hold up his own head. It made all the difference. Once he could see the world around him, he loved the best baby carriers like the Ergo, Baby Bjorn, and more.

With two children, I could actually get work done. My daughter could ride in the shopping cart and I could actually go shopping with my children without fearing them crying or carrying on in embarrassing ways. Using the best baby carrier will not only make life more accessible for you, but it will also help them improve their grades.

Christine J. Williamson is the co-founder and writer for I’m Super Mommy Blog. She is blessed with two amazing boys and a great husband, and 100% Love blogging at I’m Super Mommy Blog. Connect with her on Twitter! Cheers!

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