I Got Even More Traffic in February!

Southern Mom Cooks is growing by leaps and bounds!  I am so proud of my little site and super excited every time someone links to me. Smile

This is a thank you post to those that send me more traffic each month than any other sites!

So, without further ado…

My top post in February was Minnie’s Keep it Clean Tilapia recipe with 5,824 unique visitors to it during the month!

Thanks a million to my TOP Five blog referrals!

I received referral visits from 204 sources during last month!

1.  3 Boys and a Dog sent me 486 visitors in February!  I was real careful to do some linking to it last month and it paid off making 3BD my #1 referrer to Southern Mom Cooks!

2.  Crystal and Company sent me 228 visits!  I link to the weekly Mommy Resources linky on Wednesday and it is really paying off!

3. Org Junkie sent me 217 visits in February thanks to my linking to her Monday Menu Planning Linky!

4. Gooseberry Patch sent me 136 – another linky each week!

5.  Mom Endeavors sent me 116 – She featured my Cranberry Kiss Mocktail in a Valentine’s Day wrap up last month and ended up being my number 5 referral!

I also want to note that:

  • Pinterest sent me 20,174 (this is up from 17,215 last month!  Woot!)
  • Twitter sent me 6 (oh darn, down from last month’s 9!  HA!  I really should spend some time working on getting my @TheSouthernMom twitter following up, huh?
  • FaceBook sent me 126 (also day from last month’s 150 but not by much.  Again, I need to work harder on it – but Pinterest is doing SO well for me that I am kind of concentrating my energy on it
  • Stumble Upon 19 (This is up from last month’s 12 – I will continue to work this.  Would love to get it over 100 next month!)
  • Google sent me 1,872 (this is WAY up from last month’s 111!  I worked really hard on SEO this month and it certainly paid off!)

Want to find out where others are getting their hits to website?

  • Crystal and Company shares how she is getting traffic each month, too!
  • Southern Mom Cooks talks about how she is getting more traffic to that site so quickly!
  • Deals_3BD talks about where her website visitors are coming from
  • You can also go here for past hits to website traffic referrals on this site all list their top traffic referrals for the previous month!

If you want to play along, please leave a direct link to your top five referrals post in the comments section.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go into your tracking service (I use Google Analytics) and set the time period for the previous 30 days.
  2. Find the sites that have referred readers to you and put them in order from most sends to lowest. (I only do blogs and small businesses, not big sites!)
  3. Write a post (like this one) listing your top 5 referrers.
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