I am now offering discounted Ad Rates for bloggers!

Yep, I talked with several bloggers out there and they agree.. when you get to a certain size, you:

  • don’t want your sidebars full of junk
  • don’t want nine thousand blogs on a blog roll taking up sidebar space
  • realize you have to start making some money
  • and realize you need to start advertising

The problem is you start reaching out to bloggers that are bigger than you and find that you can’t afford their advertising rates.  So, what do you do?  How do you get your ad out there?  I have decided to offer lower rates just for bloggers and am hoping that other bloggers out there jump on the bandwagon so I can afford to advertise on some of them!

If you are a blogger ONLY, you can get my new ad spaces, right down where comments are posted and my advertising rates are only 20 dollars per month OR 3 months for 50ad spacesYeah, I would so pay that.

Spots are limited, so be sure to act fast to get these advertising rates!  Simply email me with how long you want, your 125 x 125 button, your PayPal address for billing, and your link where you want your ad to go.

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