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How To: Saving Money While Clothes Shopping


If looking good and dressing well is the only thing that matters to you, you’re going to spend a small fortune on what you wear. However, not everyone has the ability to buy any clothes they want, so it’s important that you teach your kids to save money while shopping for clothes. They don’t have to dress in used or rundown clothing, but they should find ways to keep their clothing costs low.

Here are some things to teach them:

Shop at Cheaper Stores — Just because they want to buy Nike, American Eagle, or Hollister clothing, that doesn’t mean they have to buy at retail prices! You should try and shop at places where the clothing will be cheaper. Ross and Marshall’s are both great stores to buy name brand items at a lower price, and you’ll never be able to tell the difference between stuff bought there and stuff bought at retail stores. It’s cheaper, and you can find a wide range of stuff. It may not be as convenient, and you will have to search through the racks, but it will save you a small fortune.

Go Coupon Hunting — Finding coupon codes for Nike, Puma, or Reebok sports gear is fairly easy, and you’ll be able to save money using these coupons. It may sound silly to bring Nike coupons into a Nike retailer, but they make the coupons so that people can save money. You can find coupons online, in newspapers, and even in Penny Savers. Collect coupons, and you’ll rarely have to shop at full price again!

Buy During the Off-Season — It’s going to be challenging to find clothing during the off-season, but garments will always be cheaper when they’re not flying off the racks. Finding a bikini during the dead of winter will not be easy, but you’ll be able to get it at a much better price than you would right before spring break. If you can help your kids shop during the off-season, they’ll be able to find great deals on their clothing.

Avoid Sales —Just because there is a sale, that doesn’t mean you have to buy the items that they have for sale. A 50% discount on a $100 item may seem like a great price, but you’ll still end up paying $50 — more than you want to spend on a single item of clothing. Try and stay away from sales, as they’re usually too tempting to avoid if you actually need something.

Only Shop When Needed — Many people like to spend their extra cash on clothing, but that cash could often be better spent on things that they actually need. If you don’t need clothes, try and avoid spending money needlessly. It’s going to be hard when you’re so used to buying things here and there, but try going clothes shopping just once a month. You’ll find that it will be much easier to avoid buying things you don’t need if you only shop when you need clothes.

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